Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Some Conservatives Dislike Palin

Why do some conservatives -- including a couple who appear on FOX -- dislike Sarah Palin? Part of its traces back to the time McCain named her as his V-P choice. Both liberal and conservative journalist's got caught with their pants down. Their refrain might have been, "Why didn't anybody tell in advance, so we could have put her on our 'short list'?"

At the Glenn Beck rally in San Antonio, Janine Turner (my long-time heroine) gave tremendous support for Sarah Palin, and the most recognizable signs at many rallies were "ReadMyLipstick" in regard to Sarah and taxes.

O'Reilly cited the Politco poll that showed her with fairly high negatives, but that survey is very suspect since Jonathan Martin, head of Politico, is no fan of Sarah's. Hannity likes Sarah; Beck does (partly because he has a special needs child), and so obviously does Greta. FOX really loves the dour Mark Sanford, who has no chance of being elected to anything outside of SC.

Some at FOX may fear Sarah because she's a (shudder) Republican and governs as a (double shudder) centrist. She's not a gay-basher (far from it), and walks the pro-life path rather than yammer about it constantly. She's not an ideologue, and frankly many on the Left and on the Right are more comfortable with ideologues, who talk the predictable lines. Sarah governs in accord with the state and federal Constitutions -- how novel is that?

Sarah reminds me of Robert Frost's epitaph: "He had a lover's quarrel with the world." As SNL producer Lorne Michaels (a liberal) said about Sarah, she's a model of "graciousness." Most big-time politicians are NOT gracious (or nice). Sarah never said anything negative about HRC before, during, or after the campaign, even though they disagree on various things. She realizes that if it wasn't for Hillary, McCain would not have chosen her for the ticket.

In fact, some of Sarah's strongest supporters are Democrats (current and former) and/or feminists, such as Elaine Lafferty, Camille Paglia, Tammy Bruce, Artemis March, Marnie Delano, Karen Hill, Anne Franklin, Shelley Mandel (head of LA NOW), Kathy (Puma4Palin), S.E. Cupp, and Lynn Rothschild (during the campaign at least). Ironically, a good deal of the feminist support has to do with . . . Todd Palin, the good-looking macho guy who changes the diapers and has no spouse envy.

My constant refrain lately has been: THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH SARAH PALIN. She's a principled human being, a great wife and mother, and an elected official of unparalleled integrity and ability. Some will never forgive her for having those qualities, which make lesser beings feel uncomfortable . . . and envious.


bruce nahin said...

One more for your feminist list of Palin supporters, the former President of NOW LA, frequent substitute host for Laura Ingraham, ocassional commentor on Oreilly, Ms Tammy Bruce, who also hosts a saturday show here in LA on kabc, check her out at

JamesD'Troy said...

What was apparent for me this past election was that the hatred towards Gov. Palin was based upon not only based upon sexism but a less acknowledged divisive issue: Class.

The sexism shown towards Gov. Palin has been discussed, less acknowledged is that both Conservatives and Liberals despised her because she was essentially, a working class woman. I've heard criticisms similar to those made towards Gov. Palin before, only in the UK, from upper class twits from Oxford and Cambridge.

The dirty little secret that came out this past election IMO, was that this nation is as much divided by class as by anything else. Take a look at the reaction by the elitist MSM towards 'Joe the Plumber' or more recently, the Tea Parties. The message from MSM members like Charles Gibson(Princeton), Anderson Cooper(Yale), and countless others from NY, LA, and Washington could not have been clearer: Though they want nothing to do with small town Americans who are 'bitter and cling to their guns and God' they still want to rule them.