Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sarah is Strong, Obama Weak

The woman who can save America from the nightmare it's now undergoing with Obama. "Where he is weak, she is strong."

Gov. Sarah Palin is now leading the national resistance against Barack Obama's policies of socialism and appeasement. We couldn't ask for a better leadership against a man who apparently shares his wife's lack of pride in America and its historic commitment to liberty, tolerance, and opportunity.

I'm sure it's a matter of great relief to Barack Hussein Obama that, since the campaign is over, he no longer has to mention -- perhaps ever -- his religious faith, presuming (as I do not) that he has any. With his removal of the "Conscience Clause," which allows health professionals to avoid actions at variance with their beliefs, Obama demonstrates that he has little regard, if any, for the concept of conscience, that part of our being that separates little details like right . . . and wrong.

If any of you would like to read an action-oriented analysis regarding Obama's attempt to overturn the "Conscience Clause," please e-mail me at: I'll send you a copy of the material Jacquerie at sent out on Wednesday. is one of the best, most practical groups that have formed to defeat, whenever possible, our cynical, amoral, self-centered President. Jacquerie believes the way you defeat political thugs like Obama-Axelrod-Emanuel (America's three-headed monster) is to outwork them and outsmart them. She's doing both. Again, if you'd like to see her superb action-material, please e-mail me at All the best to all of you. (And attend your local Tea Party!)
Column 2 for Thursday/Friday Below:
I try to avoid name-calling, but I am hitting harder and harder since Obama -- and he's the source of the evil we see on the Net and in the Hollywood culture -- decided the Palin family is fair-game. They decided that after five minutes after McCain named her and McCain-Palin went ahead in the national polls. Their goal is to destroy Sarah, but she looked fine the last time I saw her.
You've got to love Sarah Palin's left-wing Democrat opponents. They believe in "free money" -- in the myth that the federal government has money of its own to pass out to properly servile state and local governments. Those liberals also believe it's okay to hand on a crushing burden of debt to our children -- all those Sashas and Malias, Pipers and Trigs, so hopeful about the future.
Ultimately, the liberals believe it's possible to spend lots of money without ever having to pay it back! Such are the fantasies leftists like Obama use to attack their more realistic critics, such as Sarah Palin.
Frankly, as the father of two daughters, Sasha and Malia, Obama doesn't show much concern for America's children. He's willing to bury them under an avalanche of debt. Thus, the current generation gets the "benefits" (dubious as they may be) of expenditures, while future generations get the bill.Obama makes the case that Stimulus money will benefit states and localities. But how exactly will it help Malia and Sasha -- and how will it help Obama's grandchildren and great-grandchildren?
Frankly, in the world of Chicago Machine Politics -- Obama's world --today is all that matters.
Tomorrow, when the bills start arriving, never comes. Call it "The Politics of the Perpetual Present." If government actions help the Party in power, then they're justified.
As a mother and grandmother, Sarah Palin takes a longer view. She understands that it's not fair -- not right -- to leave future generations in a bottomless pit of debt. She knows that if, as a society, we want something, then it's our obligation to pay for it.

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