Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why the Left Hates Sarah

A friend asked me for a quick history lesson about the Left's (and Obama's) white-heat hatred of Gov. Sarah Palin. The Left hates Sarah because she's smarter, better looking, more accomplished, and more honest than any of them. My full response follows bel;ow . .

The original "hit" against Sarah came from "Marcos Marcos" (Marcos Moulitsos) of The Daily Kos, when he claimed that Bristol Palin (then very pregnant with "Tripp") was the mother of newborn "Trig." How that bizarre revelation came to Marcos-the-Mudslinger I'll leave to psychiatrists.

That was quickly followed by a news story (believe it was the Memphis newspaper) that 'Bristol is pregnant!" The implication of the revelation was "Bristol is pregnant, and therefore social conservatives should hate Sarah!" Social conservatives didn't fall for it (although there has been a chipping away over time).

The charges have become increasingly outrageous. One feminist claimed that Sarah wore "clear glasses" in order to make her appear more intellectual. She has worn glasses since she was 10. Jonathan Martin of Politico, in the Hall of Fame of Palin haters, claimed Sarah was "shrilly anti-abortion," and Politico has been after her since the end of August.

When Martin made his "shrill" claim, I had been following her for nearly a year, and I'd never heard her say anything about abortion. Martin, a true journalistic slug, apparently assumed she was anti-abortion (she is) and thus must be "shrill" about it (she's not).

In early September, the Fowlers of SC -- he the former head of the DNC -- initiated one of a series of slurs. Theirs was something like "Palin's main qualification for V-P is that she didn't have an abortion."

Soon, the MSM began to chime in with "Palin is stupid." SNL's treatment hurt Palin. David Letterman, a true dunce, constantly hacked away at Sarah, once saying, "She didn't know certain letters of the alphabet." Letterman had Katie Couric on his show several times to hurl mud at Sarah.

Bob Shieffer of CBS had called Sarah "a pistol-packing mama." They didn't know anybody like Sarah. The had never met such a being. Clearly, they'd never had such a person to their cocktail parties.

When Katie asked Sarah what newspapers she read, the underlying implication was that Sarah is a hillbilly waving a Sears Catalog. If Sarah had said the NYT and WaPo, she might have instantly made herself a member of the "club." A variation of Katie's question might have been, "Do you actually know how to read? And, if so, where did you learn how to do it?"

Many of the charges against Sarah bordered on the nonsensical, but they were carefully crafted -- apparently by David Axelrod and transmitted to Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Huffington Post, and -- to hurt Sarah with urban and suburban females. That in fact did happen. The charges that Sarah made women pay for rape kits and banned books -- both of them totally false -- will still be hanging around in 2020 if she's running for anything.

Has any woman come forward or talked off the record to say she was forced to pay for a rape kit? Has any specific book been "banned?" To both questions, the answer is: Of course not.

The fact that Sarah (unlike Obama, unlike any Democrat) had criticized or opposed members of her Party, that she has kept Alaska's taxes the lowest in the country, that she has FIVE children (one military, one special needs), that she's married to true "workingman," that she and her husband are great athletes, that she proves a Governor doesn't have to look like a catcher's mitt, and that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk -- all such things became irrelevant.

To the entertainment and media elites (increasingly one and the same), she became less a punchline than a person. This is the woman who stiffed Big Oil and engineered a $40 billion deal with TransCanada for the huge natural gas pipeline.) She's the embodiment of the American Dream, but somehow that didn't impress the elitists. While the Left was clamoring for her to drop off the ticket, she went out and delivered the most effective political speech in the past generation.

Sadly, the McCain Campaign failed to prep her adequately or to defend her, but she went out and soldiered on, drawing crowds that were usually bigger than Obama's (60,000 in Jacksonville, FL). They were often five times the size of the "crowds" McCain drew. Apparently, McCain spent much of the campaign seething about -- and envious of -- his running mate.

Her V-P counterpart, Joe Biden, went out and delivered one gaffe and whopper after another (e.g., that he was talking to the common folks at a Wilmington Diner that had been closed for 15 years), but he was given a free pass. To the media, he "looked" like a vice president -- that is, he was male and gray-haired -- while Sarah (female) didn't.

Meanwhile, at the Democratic Convention, Katie Couric was repeating Biden's biggest lie -- that his first wife and baby daughter had been killed by a drunk driver. Katie Couric is a newsreader with low ratings. Sarah Palin is (hopefully) a future President of the U.S.

(See my recent columns on Biden's lying problem at on Biden)

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