Thursday, April 23, 2009


Note: On the whole issue of ethics charges and Gov. Palin, supporters of Barack Obama, including a former head of the Democratic Committee, have condemned Sarah Palin for not aborting her special-needs son, Trig.

This is one of those make-or-break times for Sarah Palin. In the face of increasingly ridiculous "ethics charges," she has to file countersuits for harassment and defamation. The ethics complaints have no purposes other than to distract, discourage, and bankrupt the Palins. When Alaska sleazebags are seeking to undermine their state's government, they must be stopped.

Press releases are NO LONGER ENOUGH.

[Bulletin: Someone claiming to be Celtic Diva (Linda Kellen Biegel) of Alaska, mentioned below, wrote me and said she had filed fewer than the six ethics charges I mentioned below. I gave the person my phone number and asked her to call me to clarify her suits and confirm her identity. She has not responded as of 11 p.m. ET.)

The latest "ethics" charge is by Ms. Sondra Tompkins of Anchorage, Alaska, prominently portraying herself as the mother of a special-needs child. Basically, the "charge" is that Sarah went to Indiana (on a trip financed by SarahPAC) and talked to two meetings, one to a pro-life group and the other to parents of special needs children. Sarah Palin is the most effective advocate nationally (not just in Alaska) for special needs children . . . yet the charge is filed by the mother of a special needs child? This goes beyond the usual Obama "dirty-tricks-and-defamations."

It is bizarre. It is sick. AND IT MUST BE STOPPED.

[Ms. Sondra Tompkins was featured in The Alaska Democrat, the Democrat Party's online organ, as an enthusiastic participant in an anti-Palin demonstration on September 14, 2008.] Her exact relationship with the Alaska and national Democrat Parties is not clear.]

Sarah has to fight back with ferocity . . . and take no prisoners. Our role is to support Sarah of course, but beyond that, to urge her to use every legal means at HER disposal. She probably needs a first class private investigator to find out who's behind "Celtic Diva" (who has filed SIX ethics charges) and Ms. Tompkins. Sarah needs to file counter-suits and seek civil judgments. These people are harming her AND HER FAMILY.

Beyond that, they are making the state of Alaska a laughing-stock. They are making the state look like "Dogpatch," an entity where profoundly unethical people file countless "ethics suits." Sarah has to do whatever is necessary legally and politically to stop people who are doing great damage to her state.

Her lawyers need to begin taking depositions from the people launching frivolous lawsuits. The conspiracies underway need to be revealed . . . and the connections to the Obama Campaign unearthed. "Diva," Tompkins, and others need to be forced to pay for the legal costs and they must be hit with cease-and-desist orders.

It may be that Bristol Palin will need to file suits for damages against Levi and the Johnston family. She needs to go to court immediately to ensure that Levi pays child support his child.

The depositions will be the key. Chronic liars like Levi must be forced to testify under oath.

The alternative for Sarah? It's nothing less than "death by a thousand cuts."

She needs legal defense, but beyond that. she needs legal OFFENSE. Sarah and her attorneys need to be the main players in this effort. If she doesn't do this, then for her -- and those who succeed her -- Alaska will become ungovernable. Palin haters like Biegel and Tompkins will have inherited the earth.

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