Monday, April 20, 2009

McCain Never Understood Sarah Palin

[Liberal Democrats generally don’t care much about unborn children. And by their willingness to send huge mountains of debt to their kids and grandkids they con’t care much about those already born and trying to make their way through life -- the subject of tomorrow's column about the profound differences between Barack Hussein Obama and Sarah Heath Palin.]

The McCain incident that helped seal his fate was when he dissed the older woman (in Wisconsin) with a McCain-Palin sweatshirt. She said she was afraid Obama was a "Muslim" -- which he may be in beliefs. McCain grabbed the mike from her and expressed some obvious disgust at what she was saying. He said, "You have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency" and added, "He's a family man." He basically was implying, "Hey, go ahead and vote for Obama."

McCain, a member of the Senate Gentleman's Club, had and has no understanding of why people rightly feared -- and fear -- Obama. He also apparently had no understanding of why he wanted to run for President. The Wisconsin episode was one of the most shameful moments among many in the disastrous McCain campaign.

When McCain mentions his favorite candidates, he never -- ever -- mentions a female candidate, including Gov. Palin. He doesn't know any Republican women who merit high office -- not Kathy Douglas of Wshington state, not Jodi Rell (Governor of CT), not Linda Lingel (Governor of HI), and not Marcia Blackburn, congresswoman from TN.

Sarah Palin defended him ferociously during the campaign as he blundered from state to state, drawing crowds that could fit in a telephone booth. McCain dearly wanted to name his "friend," Joe Lieberman, a liberal Democrat who's recently been sucking up to Obama and Reid. McCain had no real understanding of what his political base believed -- or why Lieberman would be a spectacularly bad choice. Lieberman's appeal to Republicans is almost non-existent.

Sarah Palin has the kind of integrity and toughness that scare McCain. She does not look at politics as a "game that older, rich white guys play." She appeals to people because they identify with her, see her a role model and an inspiration.

McCain wants to be a "player" in DC politics. Sarah Palin wants to be a leader.


History Chasers said...

Oh, you're so right!

I could have choked McCain when he said that.

And a few other times.

If he didn't really want the presidency, why didn't he get out of the way and let someone run who did really want it.

JamesD'Troy said...

Let's be honest, not only did McCain run a terrible campaign, the only reason he received as many votes as he did was because of Gov. Palin.

I had always thought one of the reasons McCain chose Gov. Palin was because she reminded him of what he once was (an American who happened to hold political office) and perhaps he hoped he could capture some of that exuberance from Sarah. However, it became all too clear, and so soon that McCain reverted back to being a career politician and held back himself and Sarah for political convenience and subsequently lost the election.