Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogging Palin to White House

After my experience working with more than 300 bloggers on the "NoBama Mission Bloggers" group, there's a great need for "Sarah Bloggers" to speak coherently and persuasively about our favorite candidate.

A key for Gov. Palin in getting elected in 2012 is to increase her appeal to moderate and independent voters. Bloggers can help her do by emphasizing . . . her moderation and her independence. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is.

In the recent election, some bloggers wasted tens of thousands of hours trying to deliver a knockout blow to Obama (Ayers! Kenya! Raila Odinga! Rev. Wright! birth certificate!). That was a failed effort. It didn't work. Barack Obama got elected by a substantial majority.

As muckrakers, bloggers aren't very effective -- unless they also get support from the MSM. Anti-Obama material had no traction with the major networks or the big print media. Sadly, many bloggers just "didn't get it" that their "revelations" had almost no effect.

Unfortunately, the anti-Sarah smears did have some traction. Most Obama voters believed that Sarah said, "I can see Russia from my house." In fact, Tina Fey said that on SNL. Sarah never said any such thing.The MSM helped the Sarah smears, which ranged from lies to misinformation, to stick.

With Sarah Palin. We need a positive, compelling message. That may be a challenge because (I believe) the Obama presidency is going to be a traumatic experience for most Americans, and there may be a tempation to fixate on his inadequacies. I've been asking/urging bloggers and other onliners to join ReadMyLipstickNetwork.

If we do our work right, we should have thousands (3,000? 4,000?) bloggers in place six months before the election. They could be a powerful force.

Okay, I found the NoBama Mission Bloggers (maybe 20-plus of them) were producing material superior to anything that was appearing in the NYTimes, WashPost, Newsweek, etc. We need to figure out ways to get the best material out to a wide audience. A big part of "media reform" will be to encourage the new, alternative media represented by bloggers.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Statue of America's first President with the woman destined to become the 45th President

Note: [If you get a chance, send Jack a note of thanks -- e-mail link at bottom]

Jack Kelly

Palin for president

She helped the GOP ticket more than McCain

Sunday, November 16, 2008
By Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The week before the election, the Obama campaign ran a television commercial attacking the Republican candidate for vice president. To my knowledge, this had never been done before.

Within days of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's selection by John McCain to be his running mate, there was speculation in the news media that maternal neglect was the cause of baby Trig's Down Syndrome; that Trig was really daughter Bristol's baby; that Sarah was a fundamentalist who believes dinosaurs and humans coexisted; that she once belonged to a secessionist party; that as mayor of Wasilla, she tried to have popular books banned from the town library.

None of this was true, but this was how the news media introduced Ms. Palin to people in the lower 48. No vice presidential candidate has ever been subjected to such a torrent of abuse.

This was a woman with no family money and no famous name who took on a corrupt Republican governor and beat him, then swept to victory in the general election against a popular former Democratic governor.

This was a reformer who in her first year as governor got through the legislature a bill her predecessors had sought unsuccessfully for 35 years -- to build a natural gas pipeline to the rest of the country -- as well as a landmark ethics reform bill. She was by far the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating in the low 80s.

A star athlete and beauty contest winner who hunts moose and worked as a commercial fisherman, Sarah Palin has a remarkable personal and political story. But it's a story the news media largely ignored in favor of spreading malicious gossip.

Given the constant portrayal of Ms. Palin as an ignorant hick, it's not surprising that only 38 percent of those who voted thought she was qualified to be president.

The conventional wisdom among those who consider themselves her social superiors is that she was a drag on the ticket."By picking Palin, McCain simultaneously eliminated his own best argument against Sen. Obama -- the limited experience of his opponent -- while compounding his own most negative image, that of someone who is erratic and out of control," said Julian Zelizer of Newsweek.

This view is at variance with the facts. Of the 60 percent of voters who told exit pollsters Sarah Palin was an "important factor" in their decision, 56 percent voted for Mr. McCain. Those who said she was not an important factor voted for Barack Obama by a 64 percent to 33 percent margin.

In a Rasmussen poll taken the day before the election, 71 percent of Republicans said Ms. Palin was the right choice for vice president, but only 65 percent said Mr. McCain was the right choice for president.

Ms. Palin drew much larger crowds than Mr. McCain did when he campaigned alone, and much, much larger crowds than Democrat Joe Biden could attract. People left her rallies more pumped up than when they arrived.

She gave a boffo performance in her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and she performed better in her debate with Mr. Biden than Mr. McCain did in his first two debates with Mr. Obama.

Sarah Palin's appearance on "Saturday Night Live," where she had been lampooned mercilessly, brought that show its highest ratings in years.

"Her politics aren't my politics," said SNL's executive producer, Lorne Michaels. "But you can see that she is a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman. This was her first time out and she's had a huge impact. People connect to her."

Mr. McCain got 7 million votes fewer than George W. Bush did in 2004. If Sarah Palin hadn't been on the ticket, that deficit would have been much greater.

Sarah Palin is a rare political talent. I think that's why liberals have tried so hard to define her negatively before Americans could get to know her. Whether she has a national political future depends on her own wishes and Barack Obama's performance.

But if she should choose to run for president in 2012, she'll have my enthusiastic support.

Jack Kelly is a columnist for the Post-Gazette ( More articles by this author


The following is a release from Paul Steitz's 2012DraftSarahCommittee:

When the British marched out of Boston toward Lexington and Concord, they marched in formation as had troops in Europe for generations. If they met the enemy the orders were given, "level, fire." The soldiers did not aim but merely leveled their rifles and fired at a distance of less than a hundred yards.

But the Colonial Minutemen did not mass up and level their rifles. They had used their rifles to hunt. They aimed their rifles to hit the target. And their targets were the officers (the leaders) of the British troops.

The left-wing journalists (MSNBC the most rabid of the cable channels) are recognizing what a threat Sarah Palin is and therefore, as with the British officers, they are targeting her. (Somehow they are not following Newt Gingrich.) It is amazing that they are sending a` crew to Alaska simply to follow Sarah around.

The objective is obviously to discredit Gov. Palin, that is to jump on a mistake, have her awkwardly answer a question, or in this case, juxtapose Sarah talking to a journalist against a background of what actually happens in a slaughtering house, they kill birds to eat.

Or as someone responded to me, I am telling you this, if I find out any of the turkey's I have ever eaten --- if our grocery store has been buying dead turkeys to sell us at Thanksgiving there is going to be heck to pay!!

Now to the simple-minded, (I am surrounded by such liberals at work), this incident is but further proof of Gov. Palin's incompetence, and much the subject of laughter, but the feeble minded are easily amused.

To Gov. Sarah Palin supporters, "get used to it." Gov. Palin is more a threat to Obama and the Democrats than any other person on the planet, and the left-wing is going to do everything possible to take her down. Such trivial incidents are going to be made much of, because on the big issues, she is very much in tune with the American public.

Leaders are not leaders because they have any specific set of characteristics. There is no paper test to take. Rather, leaders are leaders because they attract followers to listen to them, to understand them, to respect them and to support them. Sarah has that, that is why she is dangerous, and that is why left-wing crews are in Alaska to tape her every move.

She is a threat to them and they know it.
You betcha!

Paul Streitz
Gov. Sarah Palin flyer, poll, buttons, etc. available at

Here's how I introduced Paul's fine piece in a mass mailing:

Is the mainstream media really out "to get Sarah Palin." You betcha.

Paul Streitz explains why in the attached. I've highlighted (and italicized) one paragraph from his release above. To find out more about Paul and his efforts, go to: Paul's release shows what we're up againt.

The next issue, one I'll be exploring this week on my thiis site, my "Sarah" blog (, is what we do about it. Basically, we need to let the MSM know we're very much aware of their game -- and that they'll pay a heavy cost if they continue it.

We have some great advantages, including some of the best writer-activists in America who strongly back Gov. Palin. One is Paul Stretiz. Another is Cindy Reidhead, who blogs at: Cindy is an expert on American icon Wyatt Earp. She's also an expert on how to win elections.

People like Cindy and Paul will be critical components in the "new media" that is rendering the MSM increasingly irrelevant.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Supporters: Take Down Letterman

The national effort to get the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stick its thumb in David Letterman's eye is a good one. As you'll see in the letter from Emily (of, below in italics), Letterman has taken to insulting Gov. Sarah Palin -- and the example Emily cites isn't the only one.

As a group, we aren't YET strong to "bring down" a David Letterman, but we're getting there. Our model should be the massive, effective criticism of leftists (and misogynists) Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman of MSNBC. We didn't get them fired, but we reduced their status -- and put the entire media on notice that blatant bias and propaganda aren't acceptable. We need to do the same for Letterman.

My intention is to spend several days writing (on this Sarah blog) about Letterman and a few other media simpletons who deserve condemnation. I hope other bloggers and onliners will do the same.

People like Letterman have done great damage to our country. They have nothing of value to say. They promote a culture of self-absorption, materialism, and human degradation. They're as ignorant as their "guests," nonentities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson.

The last time I watched an entire "Letterman Show" was in 2001, right after 9/11. His guest was Dan Rather. It was clear that neither man had any grasp of what had transpired at the WTC and the Pentagon, let alone the heroic actions of the Americans aboard Flight 93. They had no understanding of the Middle East, the Islamic religion, or the al Qaeda terrorists .

Both of them ended up blubbering, paddling around in a sea of self-pity. It was a disgraceful episode.

It's impossible to separate the decline of the American media -- would any sane person spend a significant amount of time watching CNN or reading the Washington Post? -- from the election of Barack H. Obama.

A nation nurtured by Letterman, Oprah, and (three-out-of-four) ladies of "The View" is likely to elect a demagogic windbag like Obama. A country that's dumbed down and desensitized can't resist a man who talks much -- and says little.

Obama would be a perfect guest on Letterman: a gabby "celebrity" of limited accomplishments and insights.The character and values represented by a Sarah Palin mystify most of the media. Since they essentially believe in nothing, they exist as little more than pampered, opinionated children. When they encounter an adult, a Sarah, they react with fear and loathing. She reminds them of their own shallowness and immaturity.

Anyway, I hope you will write a short e-mail -- in your own words -- to the FCC [see below]. When it comes to Letterman, let them know that, in the words of Queen Victoria, "we are not amused."


A message to all members of Team Sarah

Such hypocrites! Two nights ago, David Letterman, in interviewing Katie Couric, described Gov. Palin as "the first vice presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about."It is ghastly that this kind of discourteous, indecent talk should pass for conversational fodder -- even on late night TV.

This violates CBS's own "Program Practices" specifically states that: "The Program Practices editors review material for excessive or gratuitous violence, sexuality, nudity and inappropriate language. They ensure that character portrayals are sensitive to current ethnic, religious, sexual and other significant social concerns."

A violation? What do *you* think? Well, don't just think it! Make your voice heard.

Email the Federal Communications Commission!

Email, tell them your name, where you are from, and EXACTLY how you feel about Letterman taking indecent liberties with a dignified lady, mom, and governor on his show!-- -- Enily

Friday, November 21, 2008

Organizations Designed to Defeat Obama

Sarah Palin: Hope for Americans Valuing Freedom, Tolerance, and Opportunity

As we end the "grieving process" over the election of Barack H. Obama, we must turn to forming alliances that will ensure the self-absorbed President-elect endures the fate he so richly deserves: a one-term presidency.

Some words about who's getting this e-mail. It includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and a few Libertarians. Recipients include African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans, as well as Australians, Canadians, and an Indian computer whiz.

Many of you are bloggers, including veterans of the "NoBama Mission" efforts. Some of the most creative political activists in the world are reading this, including one woman who helped ensure that every county in her state went for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Another person - a blogger - was a major factor in Gov. Palin's getting the Republican nomination, a fact she herself acknowledged.

If, as appears likely, Governor Palin chooses to run for the presidency, some people reading this should be the ones who play major roles in the campaign. Although you'll all make your own choices, my blog(s) will advocate the nomination and election of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin in 2012. will function as a clearing house for organizations and information helpful to the Governor's cause. I'll also work to coordinate "payback" for the Obama Campaign (which, trust me, is endless) and its media minions who are dedicated to smearing Sarah Palin and her family.

My other blog (stevemaloneygop) will emphasize issues of concern to patriotic Americans who reject Obama's "Socialism Lite," his weakness on matters of national defense and security, and his disregard for constitutional principles. Beginning this weekend, I'll be writing about two key questions: (1) "Why Sarah?"; (2) "Why now?" Short answers: (1) She's the best candidate with a chance to win in 2012, and, (2) if we wait until 2011 or 2012 to select a candidate, we might as well let Obama run unopposed.

I won't really have a specific organization for you to join, but I urge you to sign up with effective, action-oriented groups like those highlighted below:

This terrific site for bloggers and others is managed by Janet in Georgia. She says the following: "The Network originally came into being when the press started going after Sarah Palin. Some of our blogs were already going in full force supporting John McCain and / or conservative issues. Many of our blogs were rolled out, brand new, just for the Network. As we blogged, we grew. We attracted a wide variety of bloggers writing about a broad spectrum of issues. Our blogs are maintained by Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and those who aren't sure where they fall except they hold to the principles and values that have made our country the greatest in the world. . . . We've grown and we're still growing. We want to be the voice that is missed when you pick up the local newspapers or visit mainstream media websites."

"Winning the war of ideas. One mind at a time." On ModCon's approach: There are 3150 counties in the US, and ModCon wants to organize in all of them. It is headed by some of the most effective voices in the conservative movement.

This is a big organization that's on its way to becoming HUGE. Right after the election, it had 45,000 members; now, it will exceed 60,000. It is endorsing Sarah Palin for President in 2012. It emphasizes timely, practical actions that are essential to political victories. Here's what it says about the Georgia senatorial runoff:

"Calling all Team Sarah members to make phone calls in the Georgia Senate runoff race. We cannot lose another seat in the Senate-- we must have Saxby Chambliss' vote to STOP Obama's radical plans."Please make phone calls to Georgia voters today and remind them how critical it is that the vote for Saxby in the runoff."You can access an online phone bank here: ("Wake Up America")"Wake Up America (WAM) is a grassroots movement emphasizing effective cultural and political actions, including:

o Bringing about reforms in the Mainstream Media to better serve the public interest;

o Influencing mass media to report vital news & information accurately and objectively;

o Disseminating public information that increases integrity and transparency in Washington, D.C.;

o Supporting public officials to place the Will of the People over self-serving interests;

o Generating effective action in Congress on critical issues of concern to most Americans.

On DraftPalin2012, I'll be writing in the weeks ahead about other organizations that deserve your support. Which of the above organization should you join? I've joined all them. In fact, my hope is that eventually they'll combine forces and become the very large, effective group we need to win future elections.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Activists Backing Gov. Sarah Palin

Above: Wonders never cease. President of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW gives Sarah Palin a powerful endorsement (rally in Carson City, NV)

In general, I'm going to be on "hiatus" through December 1, 2008, although I will produce a few columns from time-to-time. Right now, I'm mainly involved in acquainting activists -- well over 100 of them -- with one another. These are people who are going to play a crucial role in helping us regain political power. They will be key individuals in defeating Barack H. Obama in 2012. So, keep returning, as you've always done -- and have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you and God bless.

[Note; If you're a political activist interested in finding the most effective ways to defeat Obama in 2012, please send me an e-mail at: If you're already on my mailing lists, you don't have to sign up again.]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack Obama: Information Grabs, Deceit

Dear Friends: Please read the following (in italics) from Janet of the ReadMyLipstickNetwork.
"I expect all of you would check out a website before adding it as a link or making it part of your blogroll, and you may already be familiar with this one, however, just to be on the safe side wanted to let you know that redirects straight to a donation page for Obama / Biden. Someone just sent it to us wanting to join the network. Ha ha. We've also had one titled 'when pigs can fly palin' want to join..." -- Janet

The Obama Campaign does something people like Janet and I, as well as other Palin backers, will NEVER do: it participates in "information grabs," an especially sleazy practice.

What is an "information grab?" Let me give you an example: if you remember back to August, Axelrod/Obama announced that people who gave them their cell phone numbers would get an early heads-up on The Chosen One's vice-presidential choice. In fact, the text message about the Biden selection went out 3-4 hours AFTER the news announcement appeared on TV.

So, the people who provided the cell numbers got nothing of value. On the other hand, what did the Obama Campaign get? It received valuable information: more than 500,000 cell phone numbers. Thus, it was able to use those numbers to solicit donations and other forms of support. It was underhanded and cynical.

Sadly, it was helpful to a campaign willing to do anything to win the election. Axelrod/Obama had no interest in providing real information to its supporters. It had great interest in stealing their cell phone numbers.

Obama and his personal Svengali, the odious David Axelrod, will do any to undermine Gov. Palin, their most feared opponent. One of my favorite quotes -- a masterpiece of alliteration -- from early in the presidential campaign was a headline in the Black Conservatives Group, which read, "Democrats Desperate to Dig Up Dirt to Destroy Palin.' Famously, Obama dispatched 30 lawyers to Alaska to find out -- and to make up -- information harmful to the Governor.

What dirt did they find? Basically, they discovered none. Thus, it largely fell to Obama supporters, such as "Markos," the founder of Daily Kos, to invent preposterous stories aimed at harming the Governor. One of those was the Kos story that Bristol Palin was the mother of baby Trig. Of course, it turned out that when Trig was born, Bristol was newly pregnant with her own unborn child, whose name will not be "Trig." In short, the Kos story was despicable, an outright lie.

Did the many lies hurt Gov. Palin? Sadly, they did. People are gullible. If they hear something on CNN or MSNBC, two of the main media culprits, the tendency is to believe it. I avoid such a temptation by never watching CNN or MSNBC. Information from the Obama Campaign -- and, trust me, it continues -- is invariably false or misleading. With them, mendacity is a way of life.

In their world, "spin" is reality. Thus, Obama and friends delight in grabbing information from unwitting individuals. However, they don't PROVIDE information, factual, verifiable truths. I've taken a few days off, but I'll be writing again on my main blogs, including this one and

My emphasis will be on simple, practical steps Gov. Palin should take to build up support to defeat Obama in 2012. If you've been watching Sarah Palin on TV recently, you may note that she's doing everything necessary to take such a step -- aside, perhaps from wearing a "Palin for President" button.

Mainly because of his embrace of deceit, cynicism, and voter fraud, Obama is not going to be easy to beat. However, defeating him is not a hopeless task. In fact, if John McCain had received a million more votes in the right states he would now be President-elect.

There's no reason Sarah Palin couldn't get those million votes -- and then some. Remember, it's not necessary to win the popular vote, which skews in the favor of the Democratic candidate (mainly because he gets huge majorities in CA, NY, and IL). Prevailing in the electoral college is lot easier than winning a "paper" majority in the popular vote.

NOTE: I'd be very interested in your own thoughts on any of the subjects covered here, particularly steps you believe the Gov. should take. Thanks.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let's continue to take the actions necessary to make Thanksgiving, 2012 the happiest one of all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pro-Palin Groups Grow Rapidly

In response to Dick Morris' article predicting Obama will be re-elected in 2012, I sent the following to a friend: "As far as winning in 2012: The way you win is to determine what you have to do to prevail -- and then do it. Sarah Palin is doing all the right things, and we should do the same. Nothing is inevitable; no one is unbeatable. If we have a huge army of volunteers, the next President will be the woman in pink below."

Elizabeth Hasselbeck firing up the crowd for her friend during the campaign.

Dear Friends: A number of you were "NoBama Mission" bloggers, a group that has now ceased to exit. The election was a massive disappointment (to say the least), but amongst the wreckage of Nov. 4 there are many flowers -- signs of hope -- blooming. Together, we created a powerful movement that helped the election from becoming what it might have been: a rout.

Also, new leaders have emerged, the most notable of whom is Gov. Sarah Palin. She has asked us to look toward the future, rather than engage in navel-gazing or fantasizing about what might have been.

Is this remarkable woman running for President? Anyone who's paid attention in recent days realizes that the answer is a resounding YES!

Will she be successful? Who knows? But I wouldn't bet against her.

In 2002, she lost the race in Alaska for Lt. Gov. Four years later, she won the Republican Primary and the General Election by huge margins. I hope those who support Gov. Palin -- or are leaning that way -- will join some of the more effective pro-Palin Groups. An important one is, whose members number nearly 60,000.

Another top-flight group is That's Janet's site for bloggers and other onliners. A first-rate -- and large -- Yahoo Group has sprung up within the last 10 days. You can find it on Yahoo at TeamSarah2012.

I've created a new blog -- the one where you are now -- focused on Sarah Palin. It's accessible at: and I'll be writing five times a week about organizations and tactics focused on winning the presidency in 2012. Such a victory will not take place without an army of tireless activists, one numbering in the millions.

The groups I've highlighted are action-oriented. They're the tips of the spears necessary for victory in future political battles. In terms of defeating the Obama Democrats, first in 2010 and then in 2012, the only questions that truly matter are: If not now, when? If not us, who?

I hope you'll consider joining the organizations I've mentioned. On this blog, I'll be writing regularly about other groups and discussing tactics that are working.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pro-Palin Ads Launched Soon

"Run, Sarah, run . . . all the way to the White House."

I urge everyone to read the material below and contribute as much as possible to the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, which is developing ads supportive of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Here's what the PAC said today in an e-mail:

We were pleasantly surprised to be contacted by the New York Times today about our upcoming pro-Sarah Palin television ad.

The reporter is on our email list and wanted to ask us questions about our upcoming advertising campaign thanking and defending Gov. Sarah Palin for being such an upstanding public servant and passionate & articulate advocate for common sense conservative ideals.

Tonight that report is up on the New York Times website, "Palin's Appeal Proves Durable," which you can read - HERE.

We encourage you to post a comment, so that the pro-Palin constituency is heard from.

And we also continue our fundraising drive to buy as much airtime as possible for this ad. We want all Americans to see our tribute to Sarah Palin around the time of the Thanksgiving holiday that is fast approaching!

Here's a snippet of the Times piece:

November 11, 2008, 5:49 pm — Updated: 12:45 pm -->
Palin’s Appeal Proves Durable

By Sarah Wheaton

As she seeks to recover politically from her failed election bid on Senator John McCain’s ticket, the big question for Gov. Sarah Palin has been whether her backers would remain enthusiastic over the long run.

As it turns out, over the past few days, about 1,000 people have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Our Country Deserves Better, a political action committee that is planning a pro-Palin advertisement later this month.

You can donate online to Our Country Deserves Better - HERE.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin: Beautiful American Woman

ON TONIGHT'S INTERVIEW WITH GRETA: I loved it when Greta asked Piper about her $1200 check, and she puts her hands palms up. Also, Piper, "Well when People magazine was here . . .a mother moose and two babies came right across the lawn " Bears in the front yard in Juneau . . .I wonder if they'll bring Northern Exposure back . . . It captured the culture of Alaska better than anything I've seen. (My brother was there for two years in the Air Force.) I wish I could have listened in on the phone call with Hillary today . . .

Read down to see current column. Another one will be up about Tuesday noon. First thought on the Greta interview on FOX: Sarah was wonderful. Will she run for President in 2012? Are there polar bears in Alaska? Thanks to Tanya Crews for the remarkable picture of Sarah in Scranton, PA.

Sarah Palin, Greta van Susteren

There's no bigger "fish" than the presidency, and Sarah Palin just might "catch" it in 2012.

My next column regarding Sarah Palin's run for the presidency will be up late Monday, soon after the important interview with Greta van Susteren on FOX. In the meantime, talk a look at the "What Sarah Must Do" column on

The material below is from Marnie Delano of NY state, who post at:

The dust begins to settle with the emergence of a lazy November Sunday, one of the first in a long time. Election day over, we now begin to awaken from the surreal series of events that drove us all to work ourselves to exhaustion, abandon our lives, homes, families, friends, interests, and obligations to pitch one last stand for American Democracy. Although the outcome was not to our liking, it does not mean that we failed. On the contrary, we learned some very valuable lessons--life changing, heartrending AND heartening--that will serve us well as we gather and regroup to organize for the ongoing, open-ended Phase III of this nascent Movement. Now that we have time to assess our accomplishments objectively and put ourselves and our Movement into perspective, we can all rest knowing that we did our best and accomplished nothing less than a miracle, given the short time we've been working and the urgency of our task.

Yes, it has been as devastating as it has uplifting; energizing as it has exhausting. But each day, events continue to unfold, ideas continue to emerge, plans continue to form and objectives continue to solidify. We are, as the Colonies once did, finding our way toward a huge, well oiled machine of organized, interactive coalitions who share the common goals of eradicating sexism, media bias, and voter fraud, one day at a time.

After all...time is all we've got...and it's on our side now.

--Posted By truthisgold to TruthIsGold at 11/10/2008 01:10:00 AM

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sarah in 2012: You Betcha

Note: If you want to join our pro-Palin group, please e-mail at: Include your first name (and last, if you wish), state, and congressional district.

Most members of this group are dedicated to the nomination and election as POTUS in 2012 of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. Of course, in making presidential choices you're allowed to change your mind. :-)

Why so early? Because if we don't begin now to build a massive organization of real political activists, we will end up offering up no more than a sacrificial lamb for Obama/Axelrod in 2012.

The Polls

Rassumssen announced today that 69% of Republican believe Sarah Palin was an asset to the ticket. Also, Republicans' preferences NOW for a presidential candidate in 2012 are: Sarah Palin, 64%; Mike Huckabee 12%; Mitt Romney 11%; others or no preference 13%.

The Group

The function of this particular group will be, first, to exist and, second, to play a critical role in the next two elections (2010 and 2012). We should support one another in helping develop an army of trained, effective volunteers. I hope you'll join me in supporting every EFFECTIVE organization that's backing the 2012 election of Gov. Palin.

The Groups Out There

What can you do right now? I hope you'll join -- soon -- several organizations that are pro-Palin.

* One is, the one represented so effectively by Janine Turner. The group is two months old, and it now has nearly 50,000 members. It's first rate.

*Another -- especially if you're a blogger -- is*A third group of pro-Sarah emailers on Yahoo is:

*A "Palinista' from the Pittsburgh area, Stacy, is forming an online group for conservative women. You can find out about it by going to:

Also, the wonderful Paul Zannucci of The American Sentinel sent me the following today: "Personally, I am actually moving my focus to two more immediate areas, media bias (the forthcoming and the midterm elections (also forthcoming,

"That said, I do support Sarah Palin, think she has been the recipient of historical levels of BS and look forward to helping in whatever way I might to get her in the White House in 2012."

Sarah and Greta on FOX Monday

One thing I hope everyone will do is to watch Greta van Sustern's interview of Gov. Palin on FOX tomorrow (Monday) evening. I have a hunch it will break some news about "Sarah's future."

I'd like very much to hear your views about the best ways to proceed with advancing our cause. I'll reprint as many responses as I can on my Sarah blog, which is: There will be 6-7 columns per week there -- God willing, right through the 2913 Inauguration that now seems so many years away.The Obama Presidency

There's a good chance the Obama presidency will be calamitous. I don't wish it, but I do expect it.

Hopefully, a group like ours -- and thousands of others supporting a remarkable woman, Sarah Palin -- will offer hope not just to us but to the entire country. Thanks for your participation. And please ask everyone you know to do the same.

This may just be the ride of a lifetime!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee

We Cling to our God . . . and Our Children Cling to Us. Sarah, Todd, and Trig Palin, an American family.

On the ridiculous "charges" against Gov. Palin that she was a diva and other nonsense. I wrote the following to a Texas friend who's a great supporter of Mike Huckabee . . . and Sarah Palin

Larry, three McCain Staffers came out today and said it was all B-S. On the "diva" charge, staffer Nicole Wallace said, "She once asked me for a can of diet soda." Schoenmann, the foreign policy expert said she was as smart, curious, and focused as anyone he'd ever encountered. Another staffer (Miss Stapleton?) also defended Sarah vigorously.

On my support of Sarah in 2012: It's so much easier to organize around a person than an issue or two. Fair tax won't draw a crowd, but Gov. Huckabee will.

It's so important that people who were devastated by the results on Nov. 4 have places to go -- and people to follow. Sarah is one of those people. She's not the only one, but she is now the biggest magnet.

Larry, I hope she and your political hero Mike Huckabee do a lot of talking over the next year-plus. The differences between them, if any, are minimal. Both have great appeal because they basically love humanity, warts and all.

I have tremendous respect for Mike. I wish we lived at a time when they could run together, but either of them would be a great President. They both have the capacity to live moral lives without coming across as holier-than-thou.

My friend and PA political analyst Rodger Morrow called Obama's win "a catastrophic victory." Today, BHO explained he had talked only to "living" Presidents. Is that what he meant by "change?"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Palin Wins the Presidency

The call for people to join organizations dedicated to the election of Sarah Palin as POTUS in 2012 has drawn a multitude of people. There is hope. I sent the following to Pennsylvanians and others ready to endorse Gov. Palin:

One thing we've been getting in PA are reports from various counties carried by John Mccain and Sarah Palin. In my own county, Beaver (west of Pittsburgh), we are in the heart of Obama's "bitter" country. Registration is 60% Democrat. However, John McCain carried this county by 2,500 votes.

Also, we took a state Senate seat long held by Democrats. An incumbent Republican state rep. won. Also, another Republican candidate for state rep upset a Democratic incumbent. We are not alone. John McCain carried MANY PA counties where the Dems have a registration edge.

Thus, the situation is not in any way hopeless. We had an army of volunteers in Beaver County, many of them Democrats or Independents for McCain-Palin.

I've been asking people at my own Palin site to coalesce around "Gov. Sarah." She drew 10,000-plus people in Beaver, PA, a much bigger crowd than Obama attracted. Sarah is a magnet for conservative and moderate Americans. Also, she's drawn high praise from unlikely sources, including a former editor of Ms. Magazine (Elaine Lafferty) and the president of the LA chapter of NOW.

I've said that if Sarah is to win in 2012, she will need a million totally dedicated activists. Let me unveil a secret: she already has nearly 100,000, about 25%- 30% of them at, which said yesterday that it's "not going anywhere" (i.e., is "in it to win it"). is also on its way to becoming a huge organization. A new Yahoo Group has sprung up, and I urge everyone to join it

( The Moms4McCain group, a big one, morphed on Nov. 5 into That organization is ferociously going after sponsors of "news" channels -- including FOX and its resident rodent, Carl Cameron -- that delight in smearing Gov. Palin and her family.

As we emerge from the wreckage of Nov. 4, we see all around us that the sun is shining. There are real evidences of hope. Barack, change IS on the way; it wears lipstick, and you aren't going to like it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Elect Sarah Palin POTUS

Note: As I suggested last night, groups dedicated to the election of Sarah Palin in 2012 are proliferating. announced today that it's "not going anywhere." Also, a Yahoo Group has been formed:,Raj for Sarah 2012 If you haven't yet joined TeamSarah and the Yahoo Group, please do so. We need a million "boots on the ground" by January, 2011. Let's start marching.

How can we ensure this superb woman is elected POTUS in 2012?

I believe people most likely to accomplish very positive things over the next four years definitely include those associated with ("ModCon"), as well as the pro-Palin networks, such as Palin for America and (RMLN) You will soon have an opportunity to sign up at "ModCon" and RMLN, and I sure hope everyone will do so.
There were mistakes made in the campaign, and we -- I certainly include myself -- made a good number of them. Specifically, we churned out thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of negative messages about Barack H. Obama that had little chance of resonating with significant segments of the American people.
In our own way, we repeated the mistakes made in 1976 by Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan. Carter's (only) strategy was to portray RR as "too old" and "too dangerous." The American people looked at Reagan and perceived him as neither. The Carter people persisted in an effort to sell the voters something they weren't buying.
I think we -- with some significant exceptions -- pursued the same failed approach. The American people did not -- and do not -- and probably will not -- perceive BHO as an alien force and a threat to the Republic. The more we proclaimed him as such a threat, the more the public tuned us out. If we don't examine carefully what we did wrong -- what didn't succeed in getting people to vote for McCain-Palin -- then we would have little influence on 2010 or any other election.
One blog I hope people will review carefully is Jean Avery's (Moms4McCain). She pursued what turned out to be a "novel" approach: she patiently explained, day-after-day, why John McCain and Sarah Palin were superior as candidates to Obama-Biden. She avoided elaborate conspiracy theories about the "evils of Obama," because she realized they would not generate votes for McCain. Paul Zannucci pursued the same approach at The American Sentinel. He saw the "NoBama" message was not working, so he switched to "ProMcCain."
Also, offered some powerful lessons in effective, practical politics. Frankly, it may have been a major factor in McCain's carrying a state like Missouri.
The American people, in their wisdom, vote FOR candidates -- not against them. What those people SHOULD have done is irrelevant.
Individuals can make their own decisions on which candidates they want to support in the future. However, if you believe, as I do, that Gov. Palin offers the best chance for a future victory, please join the large and energized group supporting Sarah for POTUS.
YOU CAN DO SO BY SENDING ME AN E-MAIL AT (You also can do so by leaving a comment on my Be sure to include your e-mail address, state, and congressional district. You can give your full name or just first name and an initial for your surname. Within a week or so, I'll pass the information along to ModCon and RMLN.
Finally, if you have a blog or host a web site and you want to be included on a forthcoming blogroll, give me your URL.
Just a suggestion: I think we should avoid blog names containing "Obama" or "NoBama," or "Hillary," or anything else that sounds like the ghost of election past.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Sarah Palin Wins Presidency

Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. ET: In a few moments, the polls will start closing, a process that will go on for many hours, until Alaska polls shut down at 1 a.m. ET. Over the next few weeks, a massive effort will begin to ensure that Sarah Palin wins the presidency in 2012. This site will be one of the leaders in that effort, as will Janet's great site: (RMLN). I urge you to join forces with Janet at RMLN. Below, I'm reprinting Rodger Morrow's superb piece on what Republicans have to do to win elections. It's exactly what Sarah Palin needs to do to win the presidency in 2012.
One of the very best blogs you've never seen is "This isn't writing, it's typing," the product of my long-time friend Rodger Morrow of Sewickley, PA. A one-time speechwriter for President Ford -- Don Rumsfeld once threw a speech back at Rodger -- and PA Governor Dick Thornburg, Rodger regularly writes some of the best political commentary in the U.S. Why don't people like GWB and John McCain have Rodger-- and yours truly, frankly -- at their right hand 24X7? That's a good question. Enjoy (I hope blogs all over the Western world will reprint and link to Rodger's piece.)
Whether or not John McCain pulls off an upset today, it's obvious that the GOP is in for some rough sledding over the next few years. Fred Barnes has an excellent op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal that explains why our center-right nation is headed for a sharp left turn.
But what may be less evident, even after eight years of eroding Republican political capital, is that the strategy of bipartisanship — championed not only by John McCain but also by George W. Bush — is a failed strategy. Why? Because, simply put, every time a Republican reaches his hand across the aisle, some nasty little Democrat bites it.
The GOP's myopia began after 9/11, when, in the warm glow of seeming national unity, Democrats supported the early phases of the President's Global War on Terror and were rewarded with an unexpected gift: Big Government Republicanism. The No Child Left Behind Act, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Medicare Part D plan gave a huge boost to Federal spending, vitiating a decades-old record of Republican fiscal restraint. Throw in the cost of financing a necessary but expensive war, and the red-state party of limited government suddenly morphed into the K Street Party of Earmarks and Red Ink.
President Bush compounded this bipartisan folly by allowing two key Clinton-era holdovers — George Tenet at the CIA and Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve — to linger well past their freshness dates. For this largesse, he was rewarded with faulty intelligence going into Iraq ("WMDs are a slam dunk, Mr. President") and the low-interest-rate policies at the Fed that helped bring on the current financial crisis.
Tenet and Greenspan made the mistakes, but Democrats saw to it that the George Bush and his fellow Republicans took the political fall. Had the chimerical WMDs in Iraq been ignored and the financial WMDs on Wall Street been recognized, No. 43 might be leaving office with near-Reaganesque popularity ratings.
Still, if Bush embraced bipartisanship only after 9/11, John McCain made it the hallmark of his two decades in the Senate. McCain's criticism of the Iraq war made him the Toast of the Beltway, every Democrat's favorite — that is, right up to the moment he won his party's Presidential nomination. Then, abruptly, the Dom PĂ©rignon stopped flowing.
The drubbing McCain has taken in the media for failing to accede to the inevitable coronation of Barack Obama (especially the effrontery of choosing an "unvetted" running mate like Sarah Palin) should be an object lesson for Republicans who fondly imagine that acting in good faith toward the liberal establishment will yield anything but scorn and derision. In the immortal words of Otter in Animal House, "You f***ed up. You trusted us."
But if you're going to be vilified as a fear-monger, a race-baiter and a Bush-wannabe anyway, why bother pitching woo to editorial boards, network talk-show hosts and other A-listers on the Georgetown cocktail circuit? Why not hang out instead with the pajamas media, with talk radio listeners or with sportsmen, NASCAR fans, veterans groups, entrepreneurs, chain-restaurant diners and Wal-Mart shoppers? The conversation's bound to be livelier (and definitely more intelligent).
Let's stop fooling ourselves: We're not welcome at the National Press Club. And bipartisanship's a sucker's game. The Democrats kneel behind our knees, and the MSM gives us a push. Yet we get back up and fall for it, over and over.It's time Republicans stopped being such easy marks. Time we played our own game, by our own rules.
And this time around, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Remarkable Pictures: Todd, Sarah Palin

Starting late on November 4 there will be a major launch -- at this site and many others -- of the effort to ensure that Sarah Palin is elected to the presidency of the US -- perhaps as early as 2012. The disgusting smear campaign by Obama and his minions against Sarah has not worked. The remarkable photos on this page were taken at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were taken by "Penny," and if you're interested in learning more about her photographic work, e-mail me at: