Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why CNN Hates Sarah Palin

Okay, within the last month or so, Jack Cafferty (who gives new meaning to the phrase "dry drunk") on CNN called Sarah Palin "an empty dress." Let's see, Jack Cafferty is an ugly guy, with a car wreck of a life, a nothing-job on a low-rated cable channel, and no future. Gee, why would somebody like that hate the woman he might end up calling "Madame President."

A while back, Alino Cho, a CNN reporter, was on the morning show with John Roberts & Kiran Chetry, and she cited a study which had determined the most stressful job in America. What was it they asked her? She said, "news show hosts and hostesses." Why. they enquired? She said, "Because they're so afraid of losing their jobs."

If she'd added 'losing their job and their status" she would have explained why the entertainment/media cultures have so many leftists. They are afraid. Somebody might be suspiciouos if they didn't slobber all over Obama. Thus, Sarah Palin gets attacked because people are trying to solidify their status and keep their (over-paid, but basically trivial) jobs.

Sarah Palin is not rich. In fact, she and Todd, because of the legal bills, are in debt up to their eyebrows. Of course, most big-time national politicians (Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, Rockefeller, McCain, Edwards (John), Kerry, Romney, Giuiliani, Gingrich) are not middle-class folks; they're rich males (except for Hillary). Barack Obama's income last year was $2.7 million. Joe Biden made nearly $270,000 -- and gave a whopping $1,900 to charity.

Washington politicians are certainly not mothers (or fathers) of five children. And most of all, they're not from Alaska, which to Beltway types is the equivalent of Al Capp's Dogpatch.

Notable female politicians are not attractive women -- instead they look like Janet Napolitano or Barbara Mikulski or Janet Reno. So, the media response to Sarah was that, if she's that beautiful, she must be dumb as a doorknob. All the women they know fall into that category. Also, she has more than the approved "2.3 children."

If anybody in Hollywood or Manhattan or Georgetown had a Down Syndrome child -- and trust me, they'd have aborted it in a New York minute -- they wouldn't send out a release starting with the words "God has blessed us...." as the Palins did. The reason Trig's maternity gets questioned is that elitists can't imagine anyone actually having such an offspring. Obama's gaffe (on Leno, of course) about the Special Olympics demonstrated what he really thinks about children that would be in said Olympics.

But why has John McCain -- more clueless with each passing day -- joined in with the anti-Sarah crowd? As someone recently said about McCain, "the most important thing to him is that he wants to be a . . . player [in DC]."

McCain was a terrible candidate. Sarah Palin defended him ferociously, and no one else did. He left me, a McCain supporter, wondering what the hell he was doing running for President.

Seriously, the man has been in public life for 30 years, and he still can't deliver a speech that doesn't sound as if he were reading the phone book? He has no idea how to raise money? Conservative don't like him, while liberal despise and make fun of him? Thus, he served as a punching bag for Obama and his (McCain's) supposed "friend," Joe Biden.

It's not surprising that Sarah -- the one bright light for Republicans in the last election -- became the McCain Campaign's "designated scapegoat." By far the most money John McCain ever raised in one 24-hour period ($6 million) in his campaign came on the day he announced Sarah was his pick. And. somewhere in John McCain's increasingly shriveled heart, he profoundly resented it. "Hey, I'm the war hero, so why do they love her more than me?" Because, John, to most Americans you're the old guy that kept their ball when it accidentally rolled into your yard.

The McCain campaign staff apparently resented Sarah because she was able to generate three things they couldn't: crowds, money, and votes. McCain is a guy who abandoned his first (and badly injured) wife. His second wife has kept him in luxury. Women voters rejected him en masse in the election. I bet in high school he brought his cousin to the prom.

Sarah Palin was much more popular with male voters than McCain. Sarah was young, vibrant, healthy, and dynamic, while McCain was none of those. What goes on in McCain's psyche regarding females would make a fascinating psychological study.

He chose Sarah to bring back conservatives (which she did) and to attract (mostly liberal) Hillary Supporters, two contradictory goals. In other words, he set Sarah up to be denounced "because she's not Hillary." True, she's not, for which Todd Palin (and the rest of us) are eternally grateful.

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