Monday, April 6, 2009

Palin: Obama's "Free Money" Myth

You've got to love Sarah Palin's left-wing Democrat opponents. They believe in "free money" -- in the myth that the federal government has money of its own to pass out to properly servile state and local governments. Those liberals also believe it's okay to hand on a crushing burden of debt to our children -- all those Sashas and Malias, Pipers and Trigs, so hopeful about the future. Ultimately, the liberals believe it's possible to spend lots of money without ever having to pay it back! Such are the fantasies leftists like Obama use to attack their more realistic critics, such as Sarah Palin.

In the previous column (below), you'll find a copy of Sarah Palin's Op Ed on why she has major concerns about some of Obama's Stimulus Money directed toward Alaska. It's an issue that should be debated. However, it's an issue that will not be debated because Obama doesn't have any good arguments on his side.

Palin's article appeared in the Anchorage Daily News. You can find it at:, It's called: “Shovel Ready or Digging a Hole?”

One key line follows about the Stimulus money:

"Some, enticed with as much Washington money as possible, assume this is free money. It is not. America is $11 trillion in debt."

Gee, Gov. Palin takes all the fun out of the money. Someone -- for example, Alaskans and other Americans -- is going to have to pay for the increasing indebtedness. Thus, it's not "free money."

Frankly, as the father of two daughters, Sasha and Malia, Obama doesn't show much concern for America's children. He's willing to bury them under an avalanche of debt. Thus, the current generation gets the "benefits" (dubious as they may be) of expenditures, while future generations get the bill.

Obama makes the case that Stimulus money will benefit states and localities. But how exactly will it help Malia and Sasha -- and how will help Obama's grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

Frankly, in the world of Chicago Machine Politics -- Obama's world --today is all that matters. Tomorrow, when the bills start arriving, never comes. Call it "The Politics of the Perpetual Present." If government actions help the Party in power, then they're justified.

As a mother and grandmother, Sarah Palin takes a longer view. She understands that it's not fair -- not right -- to leave future generations in a bottomless pit of debt. She knows that if, as a society, we want something, then it's our obligation to pay for it.

And that's the best lesson we can teach our children.

One of our challlenges -- and one of Sarah's -- is the fact that we're all "nice" people. Well, Obama, Axelrod, and Emanuel are NOT nice. They are not good. They are not moral. They are not fans of "right reason" and the Western tradition They are agents of destruction. We need to make sure that, in the battle for the presidency, "the last man standing" (and, of course, I mean "the last woman") is Sarah Palin.

I wrote today on this blog how Obama, with his wild spending, is throwing his own children, Sasha and Malia, under the bus, undermining their chances to realize The American Dream. Sarah cares about her children. If Obama cares about his, he has a funny way of showing it. In fact, I believe deeply he cares about one thing on earth, and "its" initials are BHO.

The real enemies of our country -- North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and some others -- are going to "love" having Barack Hussein Obama as the U.S. President. His solution to evil nations is to attempt to talk them into submission. In that effort, he will fail, and it will put our country in danger.

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