Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama's Megalomania & Palin Hatred

For those of you who have not yet seen it, please refer to Ron Devito's blog (link below) for the counter-attack against the latest smears against Sarah Palin:


Also see Gary Jackson's blog piece on Palin hatred:,_barack_obama_shows_rod_blagojevich_how_pay_-for-play_is_done!.thtml

Why does this megalomaniac now apparently running for president of the the Western world hate and fear Gov. Sarah Palin? Read on . . .

Why do they -- and they means Obama, Axelrod, and Emmanuel hate Sarah Palin? They hate her for her strength, her integrity, and her Christianity. At this critical time in Sarah's political career, it's essential that we defend her ferociously -- and that she counterattack with the same intensity. At the same time, we need to start drawing contrasts with Obama, an admitted coke user and someone who subjected his children to the ranting and racism of Jeremiah Wright.

Please call people's attention to The Atlantic article (discussed today on my: that essentially demonstrates how Obama and Geithner are wrecking both our economy and that of the entire globe. On this blog (column below), I talk about how Obama declared his family "off limits," and the compliant media acquiesced. Is Sarah's family "off limits?" Surely, you jest.

We need to carry the attack to Obama, who is the direct source of the hate-mongering directed at the Palins. Sarah Palin is the greatest threat to Obama's delusion that he can become Emperor of the World.

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