Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will Sarah Run in 2012?

I have another column up today entitled "Does Sarah Want the Presidency?" It's on a new site created by author Cindy Reidhead and I: Cindy blogs regularly -- and brilliantly -- at: She's authored many pieces on Wyatt Earp and other people and places in the Old West.

A few months ago, Cindy observed that it might be politically wise for Sarah Palin not to contest for the presidency in 2012. Cindy, like Ann Coulter, thinks the best time for Sarah to seek the White House would be in 2016 -- in the "post-Obama" era. There are some signs Sarah is re-thinking her decision to run against Obama in the next presidential election. I'm not even sure she will run again for Governor of Alaska (in 2010).

"What is Sarah going to do?" may become the biggest political question of the next few years.

I'll write more on this subject later today.

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bruce nahin said...

I must agree- let mitt or some other person run in 12 and lets plan for 16, Two terms under the belt, an experienced staff, distance from Gibson and Couric and Fey...During that time establish Bona Fides, supporters, cull favors..Coulter is right