Monday, June 1, 2009

Sarah Palin: Gracious and Kind

Guess what I found on the Matsu Valley Frontiersman, Sarah Palin's local Paper!!!
Our Very own, Ron Devito, one of Sarah's most intense supporters!

Palin reaches out
Published on Saturday, May 30, 2009 8:03 PM AKDT
To the editor:

Today, most elected leaders are far removed from their constituents, leading to apathy toward the whole political process. But one notable and distinct exception is changing that trend: Sarah Palin — Governor of Alaska. On May 26, I received a hand-written thank you note for my support of her.Though I live 4,400 miles away, I follow Gov. Palin’s accomplishments closely and document them. I know, based on research and on information from several contacts, that she works 18 to 20 hours a day seven days a week. She also has familial obligations, volunteer work; has to eat, exercise (yes, she makes the time and she runs marathons), among other things.

My thank you note was written by the governor’s hand and postmarked the day that same hand signed six appropriations bills into law, and executed the line item veto. Gov. Palin requested preliminary damage assessments from FEMA teams that same day as well.That Gov. Palin made the time and had it in her heart to thank me — an ordinary person — from thousands of miles apart — on such a busy day — is an honor I’ll never forget. My whoop of joy was probably heard around the world when I opened the mailbox and saw that note.Twice in as many weeks Gov. Palin brought the political process to the classroom, where she signed bills in the presence of students at four schools. This is a rarity; a treasure. Leaders such as her — born from among us — appear perhaps once in 150 years.

Ron Devito
Staten Island, N.Y.

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