Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Muslim President, Muslim Nation?

On Thursday, I'll be writing about Hussein's speech in Cairo, which I expect to one of the most incoherent addresses ever made by an American president. The main difference between Sarah Palin and B. Hussein Obama? She loves the country she grew up in, and he doesn't. Hope you'll return tomorrow.

Barack Hussein Obama may be on the verge of declaring himself America's "first Muslim president." Obama Says U.S. Could Be Seen as a Muslim Country, Too

"In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as 'one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.' He sought to downplay the expectations of the speech, but he said he hoped the address would raise awareness about Muslims."

As usual, Barack H. Obama is wrong.

The more we become aware of Muslims, the scarier -- and more barbaric -- they become.In terms of the number of Muslims, the USA ranks 38th on the list -- Indonesia is the largest (and a democracy) and Pakistan (marginally democratic) is the 2d largest.

Apparently, we are not a Christian nation (Obama's words) but we are now a Muslim nation? This is another sign of nitwittery on Obama's part. The man is always described as very bright, but where is the evidence for that???!!!

He says one idiotic thing after another (e.g., the U.S. has "57 states," his uncle "liberated Auschwitz," 10,000 people died in tornadoes in which only 12 were killed, FDR spoke on TV, etc.), but he is held to no standards of accuracy or intellectual coherence. Frankly, possessing a baritone voice is not synonymous with intelligence.

We can be sure of one thing in his Egypt speech. He will not emphasize -- perhaps not even mention -- that Islamo-fascists around the world have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, including the murders on 9/11 in the US and 7/07 in Great Britain.

He cannot speak honestly -- truthfully -- to Muslims because to do so would "offend" them. Yes, he will deliver his speech in Egypt, but it might as well be on Fantasy Island.

Comment on above by Jill, an activist in Hawaii:

Steve - I've been saying (to anyone who will listen to me) since day one that we have no proof of Obama's so-called "brilliance." His syncophants & the MSM paint him that way, but based on what? We have no evidence from his school records (because they are sealed) or his work in law. Maybe because he was a brilliant community organizer????? I've said all along that O is a media prop who is being fed information - TOTUS is running our country. I want to know who the man behind the screen is!!!


JamesD'Troy said...
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JamesD'Troy said...

[Edited text]

Many have speculated about Obama’s ‘true’ faith. I’ve come to the conclusion that Obama’s attempt to rhetorically place himself as the ‘middle ground’ of every debate is emblematic of Obama’s spiritual leanings. In essence, he believes that he can be the conjuncture of where Islam and Christianity meet, falsely seeing commonalities between two faiths that are at their core have nothing in common (e.g. the mission and message of Christ vs. the murder, rape, enslavement, violence, hatred, and institutionalized discrimination by Mohammed of the ‘other’).

If you want a good example of a similar attempt at fusing disparate theologies look at Ann Holmes Redding, the Episcopal priest who was recently defrocked because she believes that she could be a Christian while simultaneously being a practicing Muslim. Absolutely nutty, yes, but I believe Obama believes that Islam and Christianity are reconcilable and compatible.

Look, even if you throw out the Islamic indoctrination of Obama by his step-father Loelo Sotero and the heretical Black Liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright, you have to look at the ideology of this Mother, a gone native left-winger, and the man he idolized, Barack Obama Sr., a disgruntled alcoholic socialist whom killed himself drunk driving. Throw into this bizarre mix, the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis as Obama’s high school mentor, and his professional and personal friendships to radical Muslims like Khalid Al-Mansour, Khalid Rashidi, and his travel companions to Pakistan, Sohale Siddiqi and the Chandoo brothers.

Anyway, the point is that Obama didn't live what most Americans would call a normal childhood - he didn’t have to reclaim his dog from romping around the neighborhood, he didn't ride a bicycle around the neighborhood delivering newspapers, he didn't set up a card table in the front yard to sell lemonade to the neighbors, his little sister didn't nag everyone to buy Girl Scout cookies from her - instead, his childhood dinner table conversations almost certainly would have revolved around some really bizarre, perverse, totalitarian political philosophies, which would be utterly foreign to almost anyone who considers themselves to have experienced a normal, healthy American childhood.

If this is correct and it is, then it goes a long way towards explaining why Obama can't understand the furor over his long-term friendship with Bolshevik terrorists, William Ayres & Bernadine Dorhn - or his 20 years spent in an anti-Semitic black separatist church with Rev. Wrong, or campaigning for Islamo-Leftist Raila Odinga, or bowing to the Saudi King, or warmly greeting Hugo Chavez, and the rest of the global parliament of tyrants and dictators. After all, these people are the perfectly normal sorts of personalities with whom one would strike up a social relationship from Obama’s perspective.