Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Palin Can Win in 2012

Designed for a typical American family of four, this is the new "ObamaMobile" created by Government Motors, formerly known as GM.

All groups and individuals that support Sarah for President in 2012 need to emphasize simple, practical steps that will build her formidable grassroots effort. By practical and simple, I mean reaching out to "Aunt Edna" and "Cousin Bob" to get them to become part of Sarah's team. If every strong backer of Sarah can bring in two or three more people -- something that shouldn't be too difficult -- we establish a framework for winning.

Fan clubs are great, but the fans tend not to reach outside the core group. They talk a lot to themselves and each other, which can be something like a car spinning its wheels. People -- especially young people -- have to find out that it's trendy -- cool -- to support Sarah Palin. We also need to spread doubts about Obama's commitment to American values and about his intelligence, which is highly suspect.

Remember, Obama is the guy who called his own Secretary of Defense (Bob Gates) "Bill Gates," who is the guy at Microsoft. Obama is the "constitutional lawyer," who has never written an article or even a footnote on constitutional law. Even conservatives like Charles Krauthammer call him "brilliant," but where's the evidence of that brilliance?

Obama is the guy who's given an Inaugural Address and a spech at the D-Day ceremony. Can anyone in America (other than Michelle) remember even a single word or phrase from those "brilliant" speeches? I can still go around quoting JFK nearly 50 years after his Inauguration. Without the TelePrompter, Obama would have to take a vow of silence.

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