Monday, June 15, 2009

Sarah Palin Stock Rising Rapidly

On Tuesday about noon, I'll have up much more material about Gov. Palin and the effort to get David Letterman fired for his disgusting comments about a 14-year-old girl. In the meantime, please check out two outstanding articles about Gov. Palin. Our goal with dirtbags like Letterman is to put them out of business. Tuesday's NY City demonstration in front of the Ed Sullivan Theater is an important step in that process.

Here's one by Mike Devine from Charlotte, NC:

Here's another one from a top-flight site, the
Sarah Palin - The 21st Century "It" Girl

Wednesday Column on Letterman Controversy is Below:

I got a letter from a friend in the "Murtha Must Go" Movement (of which I'm also a member, although I believe it's one of the singularly least successful efforts in history) about why he thinks it's wrong for to urge the firing of David Letterman, which I continue to do. His comments you can find by scrolling down to the italicized section. My response to him is in the red.

Leo, with all due respect, I think you misunderstand the First Amendment. Government cannot suppress speech, it's true, but no one is asking the government to do that. No one has a constitutional right to be on TV, or even to have a job, and no one has a "right" to have people sponsor his comments. I don't have such "rights," and neither do you or David Letterman.

When you're opposing John Murtha, it's a good idea to ask why the robotic people in the 12th district keep electing him, even after he describes them as "racists" and "rednecks." A big part of the problem is the culture, which is determined by people like Letterman. If the culture is in the toilet, then we will continue to get people like Murtha . . . and "moonbats" will end up determining who runs the country, as happened in the last election.

Let me be crystal clear: I want to put people like David Letterman, Bill Maher, and Katie Couric out of business. I believe they and the people they influence do great damage to our country. Yes, they have a lifestyle, but they don't have even an elementary sense of right-and-wrong. They are dangerous.

Again, with all due respect, I think you're wrong -- profoundly so -- on this matter. I ask you to exercise your first amendment rights and complain to the FCC and CBS on this matter.

No one will "give" our country back to us. If we're to regain it, we must do so by the force of our words and actions. Currently, David Letterman has lost two of his sponsors, Hellman's and Embassy Suites. That's a start.

Friend's E-Mail Below: I don't think we need to get Letterman fired. Criticize? Absolutely. But when we go for the firing, we are no better than the moonbats who constantly utilize that tactic to silence their critics. I'm not saying that what Letterman said isn't abominable. But Freedom of speech (and Freedom to criticize that speech) are what we should be focusing on. I will not go down the road of thug tactics along with the moonbat left. Sincerely

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