Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiller Killing: Really "Senseless Violence?"

One pro-life commentator called the execution of Dr. George Tiller "a senseless act of violence."
Like abortion, Tiller's murder 'senseless act of violence' (But also see Created's comment about this column.)

Violence it certainly was, but is "senseless" really the right term? Some the "standard responses" (see Sarah Palin's in the column below) strike me as extremely inadequate.

Pro-life activist Randall Terry said of "the good doctor" that "he reaped what he sowed." Terry is not going to pretend that he's sad about Tiller's passing.

I am NOT IN ANY WAY a violent person. I can't say the same about George Tiller, who was responsible for approximately 60,000 abortions, many of them of the "late-term" variety. In reality, "late-term-abortion" is a euphemism for the eradication of viable human beings. Is such a thing "against the law?" If it's not, then "the law" is little more than a protective barrier for evildoers.

On my blog, I've been talking about disrespect for life throughout history . . . resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people (Rwanda, Darfur, the Soviet Union, Fascist Germany, Cambodia, Mao's China, and on and on).

"What is man that Thou art mindful of him?" The problem is that for so many dictators and the like man (i.e., humanity) isn't worth very much. I haven't mentioned the unborn yet, who appear to be victims of the general disregard for life.

Was Dr. Tiller anything but a criminal, an enemy of humanity? If so, reasoning with him or carrying a protest sign, does not seem to be quite enough. Those actions seem more like gestures designed to make the protesters feel good rather than to bring to an end what they believe are murderous actions.

Scott Roder, who allegedly shot George Tiller, apparently believed he was taking one life in order to save many. Was that in fact what Roeder was doing? If so, it casts his actions in a new light.

(As you'll see below in this column and the previous one I'm reprinting some of the many comments I've received on this subject.)

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Grace Explosion said...

Thank you so very much for telling the TRUTH. Killer the Tiller was a jackal who murdered more innocent victims - probly TEN THOUSAND TIMES!! more - than Jack the Ripper.

And I hear people saying it was "crazy" to take him OUT!! No, it wasn't crazy. I'm not certain what the man's mental condition was. However, it is not "crazy". Crazy would be irrational.

For example, if someone merely IMAGINED that this was a monster who butchered more innocent victims than JACK THE RIPPER - and took a gun and shot him - that would be "crazy". It would be delusional. That would be insane.

However, since it is TRUE Killer the Tiller was that HORRIFIC a MASSMURDER (sorry for the caps, I am HOT at the pro-life world for being so blind and brainwashed that they cannot see how God sees Tiller - WORSE than JACK THE RIPPER!!)... it wasn't "crazy".

The shooter of Tiller had convictions based on facts and chose his response.

It wasn't "senseless", and it wasn't "crazy".

Roeters made his personal decision that he would lay down his future and take action with prejudice to put a stop to a massmurderer.

That's how he saw it. So, I think people should stop judging him based on brainwashing - and take a real honest look at the facts they have been DESENSITIZED TO.

What would God say?? That's what I want to know. Jesus loves the little children. Would Jesus tell Roeters that it was wrong for Roeters to stop Tiller the Killer from murdering babies the only way he knew how?? The only way he had to?? Because no LAW in this land would STOP TILLER FROM KILLING??!!

(rant off).

Ask Jesus. He may not be as milktoast as you think. He grapped a whip and threw over tables and beat people for having money in his Father's house. What do you think Jesus would do with Tiller - murdering babies... for money??