Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh No Hate-Monger

I realize that some extremists on the political Left delight in calling Rush Limbaugh all sorts of names, including "hate-monger." Frankly, Limbaugh has emphasized many times that, in addition to being a (first-rate) political analyst, he's also an entertainer. He realizes that, in order to be heard, it's usually necessary to speak in colorful language -- and, in his case, to hit liberals with a big (verbal) stick. Rush is a big admirer of Gov. Sarah Palin, and I hope she and he establish common cause to the greatest extent possible.

I saw on TV Rush Limbaugh's February presentation at CPAC and later read the speech (a long one). I described it as "A Love Letter to America," one emphasizing limited government, opportunity, tolerance, self-reliance, and, especially, liberty. I basically stopped listening to Rush with any regularity in 1994 -- too much bluster, but the man does have a good heart.

I realize that some on the Left called the CPAC presentation "hate speech," which it was not. People on the Left who hate Limbaugh do so because he's so effective -- and because he absolutely refuses to apologize for being an American.

Some people, including Rush, are extremely angry at Sonia Sotomayor, who has made remarks proclaiming herself superior not only to white people, but apparently to Black people. Note that she didn't give any props to "wise Black women" or "wise Asian women" or "wise Native Americans." Why not?

What if a Rush Limbaugh had pronounced white men superior to Black men . . . or Black women? I don't think Obama would have nominated him to the Supreme Court. I doubt if Rush has ever in his career made remarks as offensive as some of Sotomayor's. She's a racial polarizer, and he is not.

The whole "Latina" identity thing is B-S. If she truly believed the Latin culture was superior to our American culture, she would have headed back to Puerto Rico long ago. It's just pretense, a pose by someone who wants to assert her own "specialness."

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