Monday, May 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Salutes Sarah Palin

Breaking news: In a move that stunned the Beltway, Piper Palin today released the official Obama birth certificate. Controversy heats up as Obama admits he was born in Outer Mongolia. Several U-Haul trucks arrive at White House. Palin sworn in as America's first moose-hunting President.
What Rush Limbaugh said today about Sarah Palin (I heard the excerpt on the Greta van Susteren show) was right on the mark. Rush is strongly supportive of Sarah, and I hope the two work together. The other "guys" in the Republican hierarchy -- like McCain, Romney, and Jeb Bush -- have mothing even approaching the mass appeal of Gov. Palin.

Jeb Bush recently indicated we need to get over Ronald Reagan. When we "get over Reagan," we will no longer have any real political purpose. Why not "get over" the Founding Fathers?

Her connection with real, live Americans at all levels is something they don't comprehend. Instead of launching some "New America" PR effort, they need to go to Alaska and sit at the foot of someone who actually loves and respects people.As I said of Rush's speech at CPAC, it was a beautiful love letter to America. I hope he mobilitzes his 15 million listeners behind Sarah -- most of them are already behind her.

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