Saturday, May 9, 2009

Palin: Rescue Us From Obama!

What do I believe it's absolutely essential that, in 2012, Gov. Sarah Health Palin replaces Barack Hussein Obama as President? Gov. Palin believes that life-or-death decisions should be left largely on the hands of God, the Creator. Increasingly, it appears that Obama believes such decisions should be in the hands of the "new gods," government bureaucrats.

NOTE: I'm going to write this week (starting Monday) on my Draft Palin 2012 site about the major differences between Obama and Gov. Palin on the issue of "life." I won't be talking mainly about pro-life versus pro-choice (that is, about abortion), but rather about life in general. With Obama, there are many signs that he regards life-and-death issues as something that should be resolved by government bureaucrats on the bases of cost and politics. His recent comments suggesting that (widespread?) euthanasia for the terminally ill may be appropriate (as a cost saving approach) are downright chilling. I believe that Obama has a relatively low-regard for life in general -- and not just on the issue of abortion. One step I'll urge you to take involves spending a few minutes reading the fascinating Wikipedia article on Princeton professor and bioethicist Peter Singer, who's known to many that university as the man who urges people to "leave handicapped infants on the hillside to die." You can find the article at: Professor Singer scares the heck out of many people who hear his thoughts, but he's a good barometer of where the "life issue" debate will go under Obama. I'll be writing about his views, Obama's, and Gov. Palin's on:

On my other blog (with occasional excerpts on this one), I've been writing about the implications of Obama's lack of respect for life. That disrespect, as we've all read recently, goes far beyond the contentious abortion issue. In his recent interview with the NY Times, Obama made clear his administration is thinking of saving money by reducing health care for (very) ill elderly citizens.

A PA friend asked me why Obama has such a low regard for ailing seniors. I told her the following: "He's aware that a majority of seniors didn't vote for him. Thus, why spend money on them?" As we learned with his Stimulus Package, Omnibus Bill, and Fiscal 2010 Budget, Obama pays off his supporters -- ACORN, left-wing unions, and various elitists. Period.

My friend wrote back asking if I believed Obama was really that callous and politicized. My response to her follows:

"Some of my thoughtful friends have taken a good hard look at Obama and have joined survivalist groups. They don't do so because they are evil right-wingers who don't revere their nation. They do so because they love their country and believe its survival is at stake. They may well be correct.

"When Obama wanted to appoint Tom Daschle head of HHS, he knew that Daschle was an advocate of "reducing" care for the terminally ill. "Senator Daschle" had become "Senator Death," Jack Kevorkian without the steel-gray hair and suicide kits.

But as my wife's favorite program ("House") keeps pointing out, many people diagnosed as terminally ill have a habit of living on for years.

"My own favorite "House" program is the one about the very courageous 9-year-old-girl with terminal cancer. With the help of some fine physicians, she ends up hugging Dr. House and walking with her mom out of the hospital. Yeah, she's going to die of cancer . . . BUT NOT THAT DAY AND NOT THAT WEEK.

Granted, Obama's "universal" health care plan probably will become law, so we are going to go through some very bad days this year, but the idea is to live to fight on. Like my favorite 9-year-old on "House," we will live to fight another day. The bad that Obama does -- and he will do much more -- can be undone . . . not overnight, but over time.

But exactly how bad is Obama? He's getting ready to appoint a Supreme Court justice (probably Ms. Sotomayor) who will swear to uphold the Constitution, when she has no such intention. Like Obama, she has respect only for politics and political decisions, not the written Constitution.

Yeah, it's pretty bad. Is Sotomayor the best person available? She's almost certainly among the worst, just as Obama is the worst possible President we could have chosen.

The process of restoring a constitutional government will fall to leaders like Sarah Palin. As some people would have it, let's start calling her "Patriot Sarah." As for Obama, we've had some bad Presidents in the past, and we will survive his political antics. As novelist William Faulkner put it years ago, we will do more than survive. "We will prevail."

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