Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is America Losing Its Soul?

So many people back Gov. Sarah Palin because she represents the traditional values, human decency, and love of America that people like Obama and Sotomayor view with contempt bordering on loathing.

Political commentator Dick Morris said that Obama's goal was to turn the proud USA into . . . France. Why do so many people in our country, formerly known as "the land of the free and the brave," approve of Obama's action diminishing our country? Today's column will explore the bad things that are happening in this nation.

I sent the disturbing picture above of Obama and his political soulmate, Sotomayor, out to many people and one of them -- Cindy in New Mexico -- wrote back, "Ugh, so much for dinner!"
One recipient of my e-mail, Teresa in Illinois, sent me the following:
"Watching Obama speak truly creeps me out b/c there is always an audience of robots absorbing every word.The American people have lost their guts in some respects. There is a vast difference for those who are hungry for opportunity and those content with the status quo.
"With the exception of the great people I have marched with and all the great organizations we support, I also see a great disconnect with the two wars we fight. I can barely say "America is at war" without having some skepticism, because the majority of this country has turned their backs on our troops. The military is at war while America rushes home to watch their reality TV and update their Facebook pages.
"The Tea parties give me hope, but we need a re-awakening. America needs to struggle to reclaim our grit and our gut." -- Teresa
America, a Nation of Voyeurs?
Teresa, you are right on target about the disconnect. It seems to me that people born and growing up in the shadow of World War II -- in the 40s and 50s mainly -- had a kind of awe about being Americans. Every family was touched by that War.
Your comment about the idiotic reality shows struck home. In general, we've become a nation of voyeurs, celebrating people our predecessors would have turn away from in revulsion. Sometimes when I'm looking for news on TV, I keep running into the disgusting Jon & Kate, or Nancy Grace ("all Caylee Anthony all the time") and "Showbiz Tonight" featuring the multitude of shallow and immoral people in Hollywood.
It has struck me recently that many of the cable channels and the traditional ones are busy trying to make "heroes" out of people who've committed murders and other crimes. They make household names -- "stars" -- out of individual like Drew Peterson and Scott Peterson. They would be doing the same for sadistic murderer Ted Bundy if he hadn't lived slightly before the reality show mentality.
Are so many Americans' lives so shallow -- so pointless -- that they need to spend so many hours learning every detail about people who are thoroughly contemptible?

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