Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sarah Palin: The GOP's Future

Mitt Romney recently told Newsmax that Sarah Palin is "beautiful" but not influential. Romney I believe is the mega-millionaire who spent about $30 million of his own money to win the Wyoming caucus and the Utah and Michigan primaries -- period. Right now, Romney is going around the country in an effort to "re-brand" the Republican Party. I suggest he re-brand the Party by becoming a Democrat, which he seemed to be -- at least ideologically -- when he ran as a liberal in Massachusetts.

I agree with my friend Mike Avery about the need NOT to re-brand the GOP. If we just try to imitate the Dems, people are going to shake their heads . . . and go in the other direction. What's our slogan to be, "Hey, we're almost as liberal as they are?" Or, "We're spending a lot -- but not as much as THEM?"

Yes, sending out Romney, the Bushes, Bobby Jindal, and the boring Eric Cantor is a terrible idea. We all know what GWB did wrong -- including terrible communication skills and surrounding himself with people of questionable talent and loyalty -- and the idea is for us to do better. I read during the campaign that Romney had higher negatives than . . . Hillary Clinton. Eric Cantor couldn't draw a crowd if he handed out $10 bills. Bobby Jindal, in his response to the State of the Union by Obama, gave a speech that was naive to the point of childishness.

McCain was/is a lazy man. He's been in politics 30 years, and he never learned out to give an inspiring speech? He condemned the NC Republican Party for running a commercial mentioning the Rev. Wright . . . then, he admitted he'd never actually seen the commercial! He remained mystified by the world of online politics. He kept activists chronically short of yard signs, especially "Democrats for McCain" material. He had terrible outreach to key demographics, including young voters and suburban women.

Other than that . . . well . . . he never knew who his opponent (Obama) was or what he was up to. He never grasped Sarah Palin's appeal -- and ended up resenting it.

We don't need re-branding. We need to do smart things rather than stupid ones. The smartest thing we could do in 2012 is to nominate Sarah Palin for the presidency.

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Greg said...

The first "big" event for this group drew 50-100 people to a pizza joint, probably most lured there in the hopes of getting free pizza. The overhwhelming majority of the news of this group is whether or not Palin will be a part of it. If she ever does take part in any of their events she will suck all the air out the room, and I don't think McCain, Romney, Cantor, and Bush 3 will handle it very well, especailly when the thousands who will attend her event start chanting, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and waving Palin 2012 signs.