Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barack Obama: Audacity, Pomposity, Hyberbole

Early in last year's campaign, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe, a man ever-yearning for appointment to the Supreme Court, referred to Barack Obama as "brilliant." Prof. Tribe apparently has a very low threshold for assigning brilliance.

Today in his pompous TelePrompter-aided speech, Barack Obama referred to his Secretary of Defense as "William Gates." In fact, the man's name is Robert, not William. Can we have one more chorus of adoring Obamaphiliacs tell us how "brilliant" the man is?

[Note: On my other blog today -- Friday -- you can read the following: Obama's Bogus "Rule of Law" . Here's an excerpt . . .
Waterboarding is NOT torture, except by the prissy standards of the ACLU and America-haters like George Soros. Of course, Obama's recent speech on "national security," which Obama has redefined as "making nice with those who want to kill us," made much about his commitment to "the rule of law." Obama never really defined that concept, mainly because it is little more than a platitude.]

During the campaign, Obama once famously referred to the fact that he had visited "57 states." Perhaps he was foreshadowing the naming of Kenya and several other nations in Africa and the Mideast to the Union?

He also talked about the "10,000 people" who had died in a series of Kansas tornadoes. In fact, the number of deaths was somewhat smaller: a total of 12 fatalities.

This is the same Barack Obama who assured us one of his uncles, a man Obama never met, apparently had the newly fashionable PTSD. Obama never cited any other family members or associates to verify such a medical diagnosis of a moody relative dead for generations.

Obama does not do well with his "uncle" designations -- remember when he was still defending Rev. Wright and referred to him as an "old uncle?" In another case, Obama invented an uncle who had "liberated Auschwitz," apparently single-handedly.

When it was pointed out to him that Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, Obama plucked another uncle out of the hat, and said that he had "liberated Treblinka." Alas, what evidence exists suggests that particular great-uncle, Charlie Payne, was in the Navy, not the Army. Unless he magically liberated Treblinka from the sea, Charlie Payne never reached the level of heroism ascribed to him by his grand-nephew.

What if, say, Sarah Palin had ever come with such a collection of whoppers and gaffes? One imagines the Huffington Post and the NY Times would have volunteered to boil her in oil. They certainly would have seen her, although not Obama, as a certifiable nitwit.

Or what if it had been Sarah Palin, rather than the president of the US, who had portrayed participants in the Special Olympics as fodder for late-night jokes? Or what if Sarah had spent her earlier years "paling around" with Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn. Or what if she had spent 20 years in a church with a Caucasian version of Rev. Wright? Or what if the house she and Todd lived in had been financed by political fixer Tony Reszko? Or what if she had enthusiastically endorsed -- twice -- Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

Those of you who have read this far get the point. Sarah is not the one who makes idiotic comments and engages in constant hyperbole about her relatives' achievement. Barack Hussein Obama is the one who does so.

Yes, Obama, Axelrod, and their media minions have "done a number" on Sarah Palin. In fact, however, she and her family represent just about everything that's good in American life, including politics. Obama is a smooth talking ideologue in a $4,000 suit clinging to his TelePrompter. Sarah Palin? She's the stuff of which American legends are made.

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