Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why McCain Disliked Sarah Palin

On McCain, who was such a terrible candidate. When Sarah Palin went to Jacksonville, she drew a crowd in excess of 60,000, maybe the biggest political gathering ever in FL. I fear that John McCain (and the nasty Meghan) resented every one of those 60,000 souls.

Being President to McCain is not as important to him as "being a PLAYER," being a Washington bigshot who gets on the Sunday shows and hangs out with other Beltway types. He's married to one of the richest women in America, and it has been many, many years since he had a real connection to The Great Unwashed.

My slogan for Sarah 2012 is: "Sarah . . . she's ONE of US." Peter N., who wrote the piece below is also "one of us."

Winning the War for Our American Culture and Way of Life
"Von Clausewitz spoke of two main factors to waging war–means and will. Means is the easy part. History is replete with examples of oppressed people getting around the restrictions placed on them by their conquerors in order to fight back. Most Eastern “open hand” martial arts had their origins this way. Means can always be found, even if they need to be taken from the enemy.
"Will is the more difficult, and the more important. Without the will to win, and win decisively, any power, no matter how great, will lose. France in Indochina and Algeria. The US in Vietnam, and still possibly in the Middle East, time will tell.
"Will is everything. We must steel our will to win, no matter how long it takes, or how much it costs us personally. Decisive victory is required, or else we will be re-fighting this cancer over and over again over the next decades. It could be this particular enemy will never go away entirely, and the war must be re-fought every couple of centuries or so. But better a couple of centuries than decades. We must win, and win completely. To that end, we must have the will to go all the way."
The above is a very well-argued piece by Peter N., whom I salute for his candor and commitment.

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