Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does Sarah Palin Lack "Gravitas?"

Some people assert Sarah Palin lacks the "gravitas" (seriousness, solemnity, and intellectual firepower) to be President. I beg to differ. Unlike her opponent-to-be, Barack H. Obama, Sarah has never been a "Chicago politician."

On the gravitas issue, Sarah already has a lot more of it than Barack Hussein Obama, with his giggling and "punch drunk: manner, not to mention the "March Madness" idiocy, as well as his crude statement on Special Olympics, and his use of a TelePrompter on all occasions, which has led to a web site of and by . . . Barack's TelePrompter. The YouTube of him using a TelePrompter to get the notoriously sour Michelle "in the mood" is not far off the mark.

Sarah is a friendly, open person who relies more on naturalness (to her advantage) than on some assumed persona. What we see with Sarah is what we get.

The "intellectual Presidents" we had included Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and (to a degree) Bill Clinton. None of them was a raging success. The notion that Obama is abnormally bright is laughable. What he knows is what he reads on the aforesaid TelePrompter.

In the campaign, Joe Biden made one false statement after another. He also misrepresented consistently the circumstances of his wife's and daughter's death in an auto accident. (He claimed for years that the truck driver involved, Mr. Hamill, was drunk.) CBS News (Katie the Rodent) made the same claim. CBS retracted this week its repetition of the Biden story, as Mr. Hamill's daughter informed me.

See the following link for the true story:

But Joe, with his fake silver hair and garrulous nonsense, has "gravitas."

I don't believe Sarah wants to be -- or will be -- anything but what she is, a normal American who has great leadership qualities. She's average in some ways, but way above-average in the things that count. Her appeal is to mid-Americans who identify with her as a wife, a mother, a hunter, an athlete, an advocate for special needs children, and a rock of integrity.

In short, just what America needs. That has to be enough.

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Jim Fryar said...

I notice Eric posting a good one on the telerompter.

One of the comments made the point: Like I have said before, who uses a TelePrompTer during Q&A unless you know the questions in advance and/or have Geppetto behind the scenes feeding answers?