Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sarah Palin: Reagan's '80%" Philosophy

Some far-right conservatives are enamored of the term "RINO," standing for "Republican in name only." But is there an equivalent term "DINO," standing for Democrat-in-name-only? No, the Party of the Donkey isn't that politically stubborn. They just call them "Democrats." They win with their approach -- and we lose (too often) with ours.

Is this the toughest elected official in the U.S.? You betcha.

This column is from a new site developed by Cindy Reidhead (of and me. It's based on an important statement by Ronald Reagan: "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally - not a 20 percent traitor." (

The new site will be pro-Sarah Palin but will not be "anti" other possible Republican candidates. It will solicit columns from bloggers who agree generally with the "80% Solution," as well as from some national writers, such as Elaine Lafferty, Tammy Bruce, and others. The site will take a dim view of those who practice "single-issue" politics or demand ideological rigidity from candidates.

People who advocate "circular firing squads," including those who use the destructive term "RINO," will not feel comfortable at "80%." The site will have pieces from people who identify themselves as conservative, moderate, or liberal, as well as pro-choice and pro-life.

People who are pro-Obama should stay away. We regard Obama as an individual who engages in unconstitutional and unethical practices for political gain.

So what's the link between "80%" and Sarah, founded by two of her earliest and strongest supporters (Cindy and me)? It will focus on getting Republicans (including of course Sarah) a great deal more support from critical groups: (1) women (especially pro-choice single women and all women living in large urban and suburban areas); (2) young people -- those below 30 -- a group McCain lost 71% to 29%; (3) Hispanics (especially women); (4) former Hillary Supporters, four million of whom voted for McCain-Palin; and, (5) gays and lesbians. (a group whose support in FL in 2000 was critical to George W. Bush's carrying that state -- by 600 votes -- and winning the presidency).

We'll continue to support Gov. Palin for President. However, Cindy has recommended that Sarah consider holding off on a run for the presidency until 2016. Obama is proving to be an awful President, but he is a terrific campaigner.

I also believe,that Gov. Palin should think very hard about the damage done to her and the Palin family by the ceaseless hate campaigns by Obama and the media. Frankly, is the end, running for the presidency, worth the harm done to the family, especially the children?

Moreover, she needs to examine carefully whether some of her "friends," particularly the single-issue folks, are going to do her more harm than good. In politics, one's enemies are "reliable" in that at least they're consistent; however, when "friends" are unreliable, they're basically worthless.

Cindy and I hope you will return often to "80% Solution."

On "The 80% Solution," our primary goal will be to support candidates of integrity and help them win elections. If we don't win a lot of them, we will have little if any say in how our country is governed.


Dear Friends: Cindy Reidhead, a TS member, and I have developed a new blog site dedicated to Ronald Reagan's proposition that anyone who was with him 80% of the time was "a friend and ally." Cindy was one of the most effective advocates for Gov. Palin in the "old days," when we were pushing Sarah as the V-P choice. The new site is:

I hope you'll visit. And I hope you'll pass on this entire message to as many people as possible.

Also, I'm focusing a great deal on Jim Tedisco's race for the vacant House seat in New York's 20th congressional district. Jim, an outstanding Republican assemblyman in NY, is running against the usual Democrat mega-millionaire (and far-leftist) opponent. If you have a blog -- or know someone who does -- or if you have regular online contacts -- please ask them to use and distribute the following link to Tedisco's site:

The online coordinator of Jim's campaign is my political friend, Ali, who has been a major force in advocating Sarah Palin.

Another person who played a major role in the McCain-Palin online campaign is Kathy Morrison, a tech wizard from New Hampshire. She's written a book on the media and politics. She sent me the following information:

Hi Steve, The following is a video Senate Republicans put out about the Tea Parties; not sure if it's been passed around yet, so I thought I'd forward it to you.

Also, wanted to let you know I've written a book about the campaign process, and hope to have it published and ready for the stores in about a month. It's a fairly light look at the election, combined with some analysis. If you'd be willing to bring it up to people you're in contact with I'd be really grateful. Here's the preview...

(It's critical of the media) -- Kathy

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