Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sarah Palin Supporters Fighting Back

Sarah Palin Supporters are "mad as Hades" at those who delight in smearing her, and we aren't going to take it any more. If they throw a verbal stone at Sarah, we're going to drop a boulder on them. Recently, the largest pro-Palin organization, TeamSarah.org, banned an anti-Palin reporter (Amanda Coil, also known as "Anaconda Coil") from the site. She squealed like a pig in a hailstorm (scroll down toward bottom of the column).

Here's how an important Sarah backer, Ron Devito (and three cheers for him) of Team Sarah, responded to Ms. Coil:

Team Sarah is for friends and supporters of Sarah Palin, not her enemies. You have this paper [The Alaska Dispatch], ADN [Anchorage Daily News], and multiple Obama-supporting blogs to post your hatred of Governor Palin. This hatred -- from you and others in the tank for Barack HUSSEIN Obama spews like a steady stream of vomit on on a daily basis in all these venues.

Team Sarah and other pro-Sarah sites are not intended for "reporters"to troll. then post hateful material. A reporter covers news - a reporter does not interject opinion into the news.

Are you a reporter or a columnist? Which is is it? You can't be both. I have a journalism degree; I was in the field for two years. I know what is going on with the message boards, with the paid bloggers and how the mainstream press is specifically targeting Governor Palin. Journalism is dead -- and people like you -- are part of the reason why.

I run several blogs documenting the Governor's accomplishments and "anti-Sarah"material would be shot down faster than a hostile airliner on a September morning on any blog I operate. Freedom of the press belongs to the owner of the press. Team Sarah owns their press; I own mine. If you don't like it, too bad.

No one is stopping you from publishing your hatred here on your turf, on the blogs where your opinionated reporting is welcome, or on a blog of your own -- you have the same Internet, we all have -- but you are not going to come to any of our houses (that would be our websites) and use them as a means to aid your poison pen against Governor Palin. Team Sarah was correct in their action. And if you don't like my opinion, you're welcome to ban me from here. One way or the other it will be published some place."

Below is the plaintive bleep from the eternally bleeping Amanda Coil that Ron responded to in his comments. [Note: The Alaska Dispatch regularly "bans" people whom they regard as insufficiently service to their bogus journalism.]

Guess Teamsarah.org, Palin's biggest support group,is banning reporters now.The first message came in an inbox, from someone named Bill Collier. Anybody know him? If you do, you might want to remind him that Gov. Sarah Palin's platform is transparency.

"Amanda, I am temporarily suspending your account's access privileges pending a verification of your membership. Please provide your name, location, and either an email that we can verify from a paid account or your ISP or a verifiable phone number. Thank you, TS

Notice the first person there? Amanda, as in Amanda Coyne, who [note Ms. Coil means "whom"] Team Sarah nicknamed "Anaconda Coil." A link on the email led to this message:

"You have been banned from Team Sarah. Sorry, Amanda, you can not access Team Sarah as you have been banned. If you think you've been banned in error, you can contact the administrator."

Amanda concludes, "It's hard to imagine conservatives4palin.com doing anything like this, the other big grassroots, pro-Palin site."

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