Friday, March 13, 2009

Sarah Palin Despises Disloyal People

In politics, the people you need to worry about most are your "friends" -- not your enemies, whose behavior you can anticipate. On Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to discuss Sarah and the Palin family in very candid terms. The criticism Sarah and her family have been subjected to has inflicted some damage on the famously tough and dedicated Palins. Sarah demands absolute loyalty from her staff, and she's entirely to do so. Disloyal staffers -- and, frankly, disloyal "supporters" -- are useless.

In the meantime, I hope you'll scroll down to read my criticism of John McCain, who in fact was not loyal to the woman he chose as his running mate. That may have rubbed on the McCain Campaign Staff, which at times seemed disloyal to a fault when it came to Sarah. It's widely believed by many, including me, that Meghan McCain, John and Cindy's notoriously narcissistic daughter, was a source for some of the false rumors about Sarah Palin.

Also, when Sarah came under ceaseless attack during and after the campaign, John McCain did a terrible job defending her. Senator McCain, like his dismal staff, was looking around for someone to blame for his own half-hearted presidential effort. Sarah? In the face of adversity, she was generally magnificent.


Conga Keystone said...

A teaching moment, if there ever was one...

Do not cast out the speck in another's eye, if you have a speck in your own eye.

SJ Reidhead said...

Yesterday I was meeting with the top historian in my field. He's a good friend of John McCain. All he could do was "gush" about Sarah Palin. I found it a very good sign.

I feel the same way about disloyal people.

The Pink Flamingo