Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Single Information Site Coming

Some brilliant people are deeply engaged in the effort to ensure that the 45th President of the U.S. is a woman named Sarah Heath Palin. One of them, Ana, recently wrote about the need to have a main informational site for people who now support Sarah or may (or may not) do so in the future. Here's my reply below. [Your comments are very welcome.]

Ana, as you said, merely complaining endlessly about Obama is debilitating. About establishing a "single" site for center and center-right people to go to (tentatively entitled "Our Voces," it's an excellent idea. (What about "Our Voice(s). . . Making History" as a title)? One voice will be a lot more effective than 500 voices crying in the wilderness. (Here's the link to the preliminary Our Voice(s) site: http://sarah4life.ipower.com/bo/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=4&id=16&Itemid=27

My friend Cindy in New Mexico is establishing a web site called "The 80% Solution," and it's directed mainly toward Republicans of relatively moderate views. It should be complementary to "Our Voice(s)."

Ana, we need discuss how we can get this site going and publicize it to a lot of people. We need some communication support from TeamSarah.org and other groups. I see the site as pro-Sarah but not as "anti" other potential candidates. If somebody thinks Newt Gingrich or Tom Coburn would be great candidates, let them tell why they think so -- and what evidence there is that they could win. (Obama is going to be very difficult to defeat and just nominating a classic "conservative Republican" won't work in 2012.)

I look at "Our Voice(s)" as a site that eventually would get 30,000-plus visitors a day. I think we shouldn't emphasize "the latest outrage from Obama!!!!" but rather basic principles (conservative and American principles) and practical actions to start winning elections. We should keep emphasizing that complaining, whining, and feeling sorry for ourselves have no benefits.

To me (and as Sarah Palin said), "freedom, tolerance, and opportunity" are the keys. We need more friends and fewer enemies. We need to ask what is the best solution we can possibly get, not what our ideal would be if this were only were 1890 rather than 2009.

Anybody who supports Sarah or candidates like her is my ally -- period.We can disagree with people without accusing them of destroying Western civilization. Obama/Pelosi/Reid are the ones we want to go after, and we need a very broad base of support to put them in their places. "Angry white guys" obviously are not enough.

I was friends with Russell Kirk (now deceased sadly) who wrote a book called The Conservative Mind and who laid out conservative principles. Those principles didn't involve being in bed with Wall Street semi-crooks or other greedy "fat cats.' Instead, they involved caring deeply about the principles (back to opportunity, tolerance, freedom, and personal responsibility) that made the country "a shining city on a hill."

Prof. Kirk talked a lot about "right reason," which is essentially common sense. His point was that some things we do strengthen civilization, while others (violent video games, Keith Olberman, SNL) undermine it. People like Thomas Jefferson told exactly us what is necessary to preserve a strong, free society. Obama and Jefferson would be in disagreement on just about every principle, by the way. For one thing, Jefferson believed in citizen-legislators while Obama not only believes in professional politicians -- he, of course, is one.

Anyway, I'm hoping we can get many bloggers -- thousands eventually -- to highlight "Our Voces," which is a good title. It should encourage comments; it should be "the place to go" to get USEFUL information on how all of us in the center or center-right should proceed. It should stress the need to contribute money (a little or a lot), to participate in organizing, and to campaign for good people -- in our state and sometimes outside. We might have some tips on using the Internet effectively to make it more likely that we will win in 2010 and 2012. We need to volunteers to write about organizing groups -- young people, Hispanics, women -- that will be essential in winning future elections.

On practicality: I saw something today about U.S. Senate races in 2010. We need to know which leftists are running so we can begin the process of defeating them. Sarah Steelsmith will be running (in MO) for U.S. Senate in 2010, and we need to get an army of people behind her. We need to make sure we get a great candidate to run for the Senate seat Kay Bailey Hutchison is giving up in 2010. No more "grumpy old men," please. If Rick Santelli runs for the Roland Burris seat (Illinois) in 2010, we need to make sure he wins.

I will be writing a piece soon on "The Blue Dog Democrats," who pretend to be conservative or moderate. In fact, they're the House members we should be targeting for defeat. If we had 40 fewer of them, that would be 40 fewer votes for Speaker Pelosi. Kirsten Gillibrand WAS a Blue Dog, but immediately changed her positions on several key issues when she was appointed to the Senate. That kind of cynicism needs to be pointed out.

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