Friday, March 6, 2009

Sarah Palin's Republican Enemies

Sarah Palin in the future of the Republican Party, but she has real enemies in the GOP, largely people who've gotten used to being a minority and are more interested in protecting their jobs than in safeguarding the country. Sarah is seen as a threat to Republicans who have come to terms with comfortable mediocirty. She's a winner in a Party that has too many losers.

One of the most effective conservative voices on the Internet is that of Palin-backer Tammy Bruce, a California feminist (and former head of the LA chapter of NOW), who blogs at Here's a "Fox Forum" blog piece below that she wrote recently, one I'll comment on later today. It's about Sarah Palin's conflicts with the GOP's "Old Boy's Club." [Note: My column on the other blog today is about Sarah Palin's political strategy for 2009.]

This current public fight between Limbaugh and Steele, two important and influential conservative men, reveals just how deeply in trouble the DOP [Dumb Old Party] really is. What happened to the Grand Old Party? Its so-called leadership has been inside the Beltway too long, going to the same cocktail and dinner parties for decades.

They like the money and the decadence and the smell of their own navels. The idea of returning to the principled values of Reagan means hard work, smaller government (read: less money), taking on the tyrants of the world thereby losing Islamist largess for travel, parties, and dare I say, presidential libraries. Worst of all, a return to the Reagan legacy brings with it an expectation of discipline and personal responsibility.

It is also especially frightening to the Republican Elite that a return of the Reagan legacy is represented by one person these days who, like Reagan, hails from the far-side of this nation, away from the increasing stench (and corrupting influence) of Washington. Sarah Palin is a woman who means business when she talks of reform. The one person none of the boys in Washington like, she lives and works west of the Rockies (let alone the Mississippi), was educated at a university without Ivy on its walls, is not of the monied class, and actually intends to confront the corruption and hypocrisy emanating from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Sarah Palin is not “of” them, you see, so the DOP Elite (for the ultimate oxymoron) prepare to toss Reagan Conservatism, best represented by Palin, under the bus lest the loss of Islamist money, parties with boys from the same school as you, and the use of the American taxpayer to fund the greed, excess and conga-lines of the Obama White House as the economy tanks.

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