Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should Palin Confront Obama Now?

If you visit here often, I hope that today you'll also take a look at my other blog ( to see the "real story" on the Biden-Palin debate. It's titled: Joe Biden: Chronic Liar, Windbag, Tomorrow, on this site and the other one an explosive story: "Biden Lied About Wife's Death."

Statue of America's first President with the woman who should be America's 45th President

Note: Over the next four years (yikes!) this blog will continue to present crucial information about important developments concerning Gov. Sarah Heath Palin and her "crusade" to become POTUS. As always, opinion pieces will focus on activities and ideas that will advance the candidacy of Sarah Palin, a true American heroine.

Someone asked me why Sarah Palin isn't engaging in all-out criticism of Barack Obama's initiatives. My response:

One of the most important things Sarah Palin can do is to pick her times and her targets (which will be Obama, Reid, and Pelosi) well. Things she (and, especially, we) can't defeat, even if they should be defeated, she needs to discuss only in passing.

In the first month of the Obama Administration, maybe the first two months, it's sad but true that criticisms from conservatives will get ignored by the media. Sarah Palin's State of the State address (see the previous column) contains many policies and principles in conflict with those of Obama. She's arguing on the plane of ideas rather of personalities, and that's a good strategy.

That's the best way she can proceed at this time. Third-parties like us -- the onliners mainly -- are the best ones right now (not always) to criticize Obama's actions.

In the campaign, we on the online community did some good things but also many that were ineffective. We criticized Obama on 5000 fronts, rather than focusing on a handful (maybe five?) of issues where he was especially vulnerable. In politics, focus is critical. So is fighting battles only where we have a chance of winning. Sarah does not want to come across as some sort of National Scold.

Thus, she needs to choose her battles carefully, and so do we.

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