Friday, January 30, 2009

Palin Hires Presidential Politics Consultant

Consider the following piece (in italics) by Washington Post writer Chris Cilizza, who does a column called "The Fix": Cilizza, like most people at the WaPo, is no friend of Sarah Palin, so his comments should be eyed skeptically. She's "not one of them" -- thank goodness.

As you read Cilizza's column think about the parts of it (most) that should be taken as balderdash. (The Post wouldn't endorse Sarah if her opponent was Rod Blagojevich.)

NEWS NUGGET: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has hired Becki Donatelli to handle her brand-spanking new Sarahpac, according to sources familiar with the move. Donatelli is the chair of Campaign Solutions, a Republican consulting firm that specializes in fundraising and Internet strategy. Donatelli was intimately involved in both of Sen. John McCain's (Ariz.) presidential bids and her work with Palin suggests that reports of the two camps' distaste for one another might be (slightly) overblown. The hiring of Donatelli also is evidence that Palin understands she must overhaul her image among the Republican professional class in Washington if she wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate in 2012."

Bulletin to Cilizza: According to Scott Rasmussen, who's a lot smarter than the smug folks at the Post, his most recent poll on the subject shows two-thirds of Republicans favor Sarah Palin as the Party's presidential nominee for 2012. Chris might ask himself why The Alfalfa Club movers-and-shaker didn't invite Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, neither of whom have a chance of ever winning a national election.

Another observation: There are people already working full-time to advance Sarah's causes who know at least as much about Internet politics as Becki Donatelli, good as she is.

If Sarah wants better relations with the narcissistic Washington "political class," it should be on her terms. Making nice with such people may be part of the job. Trusting them, however, is a luxury she can't afford.

Spontaneously generated pro-Sarah groups, including 70,000 member TeamSarah and ReadMyLipstickNetwork, are going to be major factors in Sarah's winning the presidency. Also, doesn't have to worry about the members of such groups throwing mud behind her back -- unlike some members of McCain Campaign.

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