Thursday, January 22, 2009

Palin "Brainiac," Obama, "Gaffe Mchine"

"We will enter his Administration as the United States, buoyed by an aggressive free market economy. We will exit his first year - and even the first hundred days - as France, burdened with massive government regulation, a vast public sector, and permanent middle class entitlements." (Dick Morris)

Governor Sarah Palin meets with Mr. Sergey Kislyak, newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, on his first visit to Alaska. Ambassador Kislyak is part of a large group of foreign dignitaries on hand for celebrations in early January, 2009, marking Alaska’s 50th anniversary of statehood.

In a notable essay in The Daily Beast, Elaine Lafferty -- a former editor of Ms. Magazine -- called Sarah Palin a "brainiac" and a "feminist." Lafferty was fascinated by Palin's almost infinite degree of curiosity, a major component of intelligence. People who work closely with Palin marvel about her "photographic memory."

By comparison with Sarah Palin, Barack Obama is a simpleton, something the MSM has missed in its perpetual adoration of the new President. In fact, Obama is a human gaffe machine, someone who even got his oath of office wrong -- and had to re-do it.

Is it really fair to portray Obama as a dimwit? After all, didn't he go to Columbia and Harvard? Yes, he did, but there's probably a good reason why he has refused to release any information about his academic performance. True, he did get a degree from Harvard Law and sometimes portrays himself as an expert on constitutional law. Yet he has never published a law review article -- or even a footnote.

Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote last June about having "twitted Mr. Obama for saying he'd campaigned in 57 states, for not knowing that his home state bordered on Kentucky, and for claiming that the Cuban Missile Crisis (October, 1962) was defused by President Kennedy's summit meeting with Nikita Khrushchev (June, 1961)."

Kelly added, "Earlier Mr. Obama said 10,000 people were killed when a tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas, last year (the death toll was 12), and summed Afghans speak Arabic (they don't)."

These are only a few of the wild misstatements made by Obama during the Primary Campaign. Imagine the uproar if Goc. Palin had said any of those things. Obama may be many things, but he's no Sarah Palin.

Admittedly, by age 45 he'd written two autobiographices, but perhaps he'd have been better served studying geography and reading some American history books.

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