Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going Viral: Electing President Palin

"Running for President? Who? You mean little ole me?" You betcha, Sarah

About winning for Palin in 2012: One thing we've got to do (over time, because everything won't happen today) is to train people -- "our activists" -- how to leverage their political influence. Political campaigns -- aside from Obama's -- generally don't do that. They let their volunteers flounder around. Let me give you an example:

In my western PA county (Beaver), people made many phone calls for McCain-Palin. The suggested script (which was terrible throughout) had at the end, "This call was paid for by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania." I refused to say that -- it was NOT a legal requirement. I was NOT an employee of McCain Victory or the PA GOP.

Also, half the people we were calling were Democrats. None of the callers was paid. All were volunteers. The suggested ending was misleading -- and a downer for anyone receiving the call. But a lot of people used it.

If everyone on
TeamSarah contacted 100 people -- e-mail, phone, face-to-face -- that would add up currently to 7 million contacts. Of course, everyone won't do it, but many will, especially if they know why they're doing it.

Voting is a "social" act, meaning that people vote generally the way their families, friends, and neighbors do. What if the seven million (or whatever) contacted are asked to tell THEIR family and friends they're voting for Sarah Palin? Pretty soon we've contacted everyone in the U.S. (and probably twice).

In the world of the Internet, this approach is known as "going viral." It's a way of disseminating information that makes contacts spread like wildfire. It's the modern way of running a winning presidential campaign. Train enough people -- and victory will come.

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