Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama: Pedestrian Inaugural Address

Will this be America's "First Couple" in 2013? One hopes -- and prays -- that will be the case.

Starting today on my other blog -- yes, my arms do get tired -- I've begun writing about the Obama presidency, mainly -- I admit -- about its deficiencies. I will have another column here later today -- about 7 p.m. -- about a true American heroine, Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. God willing, both blogs will continue until the Inauguration of America's 45th President, Gov. Palin, in the third of January, 2013. In that effort, I ask for your help -- your votes, your financial resources, and your organizational skills. On our part, it will demand, as the Book of Common Prayer suggests, "not less than everything."

Listening now to Obama's Inaugural Address, the early parts (and middle and latter parts) of it are NOT Lincolnesque. It's pedestrian, a series of shop-warm generalities and cliches. I didn't really expect more.

Right now, I urge you to visit my Obama blog (http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com/) , which features an essay on Obama's Inauguration of Ignorance, Fraud, and Racism . . . preceding a presidency that will consist largely of "bread and circuses."

The following was sent to me by Linda in Texas, a major force in the effort to keep Barack H. Obama out of the White House. The article is from The Canada Free Press. (http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/7737) and entitled"The Bread and Circuses Presidency. It's by Daniel Greenfield, and it was published on Monday, January 19, 2009

Greenfeiled's eloquent comments speak for all of us who believe today, Obama's Inauguration Day, should be one of national mourning. The author says "It will be an Inauguration of Ignorance, a Festival of Fraud. . ." Also, "Forget expecting results or ethics from the occupant of the White House. Just join an organization or a cause and stick your hand out for your share of misappropriated taxpayer money, and get ready to vote online for which puppy the Obama’s should adopt. …"

(Note: Yesterday evening, France 24, the Paris-based new agency, asked me for comments about "First Lady," Michelle Obama. The following is what I gave them:

"All Americans, including this one, wish Barack and Michelle Obama well at this historic moment. The problem is that Barack Obama and -- apparently -- Michelle did not wish President George W. Bush well. Instead, they -- and many Obama Supporters -- caricatured the man in a vicious way for political gain.

I call Michelle Robinson Obama "the angry lady."

As a student at Princeton University, Michelle (Robinson) wrote a thesis in which she condemned most of her fellow Black students. To her, their "offense" was that they aspired to assimilate into mainstream American society.

In more recent times, Michelle observed that, after her husband won the Iowa Primary, she "was proud of [her] country for the first time in {her] adult life." After that, the Obama Campaign basically shut her up as a form of damage control.

A graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School, a woman who held a $300,00 a year "community relations" job, a person married to a man elected Presidernt of the U.S., Michelle Obama should be filled with pride and gratitude. Whether she is remains to be seen.

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