Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sarah Palin, Presidency in 2012

As Michael Reagan said recently, people have long been awaiting the arrival of another President, and then she showed up in a dress . . . and with five kids.

I sent the following to 500 people on my e-mail list:

Only those who haven't been paying attention in the last eight weeks doubt that Sarah Palin is running for President. I believe that she should declare outright sooner rather than later. She would then be a major catalyst for opposition to the far-left elements of Barack Obama's agenda.
Sending a $1.5 trillion bill to our grandchildren is not the way to solve a problem that has its origins in over-borrowing, and we need a national figure to make that point to the American people.

In my view, the best person to do so would be Gov. Palin, who has broad support, as illustrated by the huge numbers of activists joining groups aligned with "Sarah." In a Rasmussen Poll after the election, 64% of Republicans cited her as their choice for the 2012 nomination.

How can you help? One way is to join, which is now approaching 70,000 members.

Another step I hope you'll take is to contribute to, a political action committee dedicated to advancing Gov. Palin, as well as the candidates and causes she supports. (When you go to link up to SarahPac, you will need to use the "www" or else your computer won't connect.)

Right now, in the race for 2012, Barack Obama is far ahead. His campaign, one which apparently goes on unto eternity, has 13 million e-mail addresses -- four million of whom are contributors. If we want until 2011 and 2012 to mount a campaign against him, we might as well let the man run unopposed.

Please take a few minutes today to sign up at and at

By doing so, you can not only back a remarkable woman, but also strike a powerful blow for constitutional government and the American republic.

Thanks for your help, and God bless you and your family.

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