Monday, January 26, 2009

Biden Lied About Wife's Death

I've been writing on one of my blogs ( about Joseph Biden's difficulty telling the truth, with a focus on what really happened in the Palin-Biden debate (short version: he told one lie after another).

In response, I got the following from Pamela Hamill. Who's she? The daughter of the truck driver who was involved in the 1972 accident that killed Biden's first wife and his young daughter, Naomi. It seems Biden has regularly falsified key circumstances in the event over the years. Basically, he has said Hamill's father, Mr. Dunn, was impaired by alcohol, a charge that is not true.

(At the bottom, there is a link to the story that appeared last September in The [Wilmington, DE] News Observer. Pamela left a comment on my earlier post: Joe Biden: A National Disgrace":

"Steve, Please research Joe Biden's false account of the 1972 accident that tragically took the lives of his first wife Neilia and baby daughter Amy.Vice President Biden says "A guy who drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch" killed them. This urban legend he has created has been accepted by the media as the truth. My father [Mr. Dunn] passed in 1999 and is not here to defend his honor.We have to be his voice and set the record straight.

"We are certainly not trying to equate Biden's loss to our father's heartache but this untruth is a character assassination.Can you imagine if Sarah Palin was vilifying an innocent man who cannot defend his honor? This is one gaffe the media is allowing him to get away with so far. I am currently speaking to CBS and Katie Couric about the false account she reported of 'drunk driver killing his wife and daughter' at the Democratic National Convention and again at the Inauguration. I am waiting to hear back from them as well as our Vice President. For the full story google 'Inside Edition' + 'Pam Hamill.'

Signed, Pamela Hamill

Note to Readers: For details on this story, please take a look at Rachel Kipp, The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, "Joe Biden: Wrongly Blaming the Truck Driver." Link to story:

Reporter Rachel Kipp says:

"Even before Obama asked Biden to join his campaign, political observers said the senator's gaffes could be a liability in a contest where every word will be scrutinized. Biden's first presidential campaign 20 years ago was undone by charges he plagiarized parts of a speech by British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

I'll be talking with Pamela Hamill today (Monday) and will have more on this story tomorrow.

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