Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sarah in 2012: You Betcha

Note: If you want to join our pro-Palin group, please e-mail at: Include your first name (and last, if you wish), state, and congressional district.

Most members of this group are dedicated to the nomination and election as POTUS in 2012 of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. Of course, in making presidential choices you're allowed to change your mind. :-)

Why so early? Because if we don't begin now to build a massive organization of real political activists, we will end up offering up no more than a sacrificial lamb for Obama/Axelrod in 2012.

The Polls

Rassumssen announced today that 69% of Republican believe Sarah Palin was an asset to the ticket. Also, Republicans' preferences NOW for a presidential candidate in 2012 are: Sarah Palin, 64%; Mike Huckabee 12%; Mitt Romney 11%; others or no preference 13%.

The Group

The function of this particular group will be, first, to exist and, second, to play a critical role in the next two elections (2010 and 2012). We should support one another in helping develop an army of trained, effective volunteers. I hope you'll join me in supporting every EFFECTIVE organization that's backing the 2012 election of Gov. Palin.

The Groups Out There

What can you do right now? I hope you'll join -- soon -- several organizations that are pro-Palin.

* One is, the one represented so effectively by Janine Turner. The group is two months old, and it now has nearly 50,000 members. It's first rate.

*Another -- especially if you're a blogger -- is*A third group of pro-Sarah emailers on Yahoo is:

*A "Palinista' from the Pittsburgh area, Stacy, is forming an online group for conservative women. You can find out about it by going to:

Also, the wonderful Paul Zannucci of The American Sentinel sent me the following today: "Personally, I am actually moving my focus to two more immediate areas, media bias (the forthcoming and the midterm elections (also forthcoming,

"That said, I do support Sarah Palin, think she has been the recipient of historical levels of BS and look forward to helping in whatever way I might to get her in the White House in 2012."

Sarah and Greta on FOX Monday

One thing I hope everyone will do is to watch Greta van Sustern's interview of Gov. Palin on FOX tomorrow (Monday) evening. I have a hunch it will break some news about "Sarah's future."

I'd like very much to hear your views about the best ways to proceed with advancing our cause. I'll reprint as many responses as I can on my Sarah blog, which is: There will be 6-7 columns per week there -- God willing, right through the 2913 Inauguration that now seems so many years away.The Obama Presidency

There's a good chance the Obama presidency will be calamitous. I don't wish it, but I do expect it.

Hopefully, a group like ours -- and thousands of others supporting a remarkable woman, Sarah Palin -- will offer hope not just to us but to the entire country. Thanks for your participation. And please ask everyone you know to do the same.

This may just be the ride of a lifetime!

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