Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Elect Sarah Palin POTUS

Note: As I suggested last night, groups dedicated to the election of Sarah Palin in 2012 are proliferating. announced today that it's "not going anywhere." Also, a Yahoo Group has been formed:,Raj for Sarah 2012 If you haven't yet joined TeamSarah and the Yahoo Group, please do so. We need a million "boots on the ground" by January, 2011. Let's start marching.

How can we ensure this superb woman is elected POTUS in 2012?

I believe people most likely to accomplish very positive things over the next four years definitely include those associated with ("ModCon"), as well as the pro-Palin networks, such as Palin for America and (RMLN) You will soon have an opportunity to sign up at "ModCon" and RMLN, and I sure hope everyone will do so.
There were mistakes made in the campaign, and we -- I certainly include myself -- made a good number of them. Specifically, we churned out thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of negative messages about Barack H. Obama that had little chance of resonating with significant segments of the American people.
In our own way, we repeated the mistakes made in 1976 by Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan. Carter's (only) strategy was to portray RR as "too old" and "too dangerous." The American people looked at Reagan and perceived him as neither. The Carter people persisted in an effort to sell the voters something they weren't buying.
I think we -- with some significant exceptions -- pursued the same failed approach. The American people did not -- and do not -- and probably will not -- perceive BHO as an alien force and a threat to the Republic. The more we proclaimed him as such a threat, the more the public tuned us out. If we don't examine carefully what we did wrong -- what didn't succeed in getting people to vote for McCain-Palin -- then we would have little influence on 2010 or any other election.
One blog I hope people will review carefully is Jean Avery's (Moms4McCain). She pursued what turned out to be a "novel" approach: she patiently explained, day-after-day, why John McCain and Sarah Palin were superior as candidates to Obama-Biden. She avoided elaborate conspiracy theories about the "evils of Obama," because she realized they would not generate votes for McCain. Paul Zannucci pursued the same approach at The American Sentinel. He saw the "NoBama" message was not working, so he switched to "ProMcCain."
Also, offered some powerful lessons in effective, practical politics. Frankly, it may have been a major factor in McCain's carrying a state like Missouri.
The American people, in their wisdom, vote FOR candidates -- not against them. What those people SHOULD have done is irrelevant.
Individuals can make their own decisions on which candidates they want to support in the future. However, if you believe, as I do, that Gov. Palin offers the best chance for a future victory, please join the large and energized group supporting Sarah for POTUS.
YOU CAN DO SO BY SENDING ME AN E-MAIL AT (You also can do so by leaving a comment on my Be sure to include your e-mail address, state, and congressional district. You can give your full name or just first name and an initial for your surname. Within a week or so, I'll pass the information along to ModCon and RMLN.
Finally, if you have a blog or host a web site and you want to be included on a forthcoming blogroll, give me your URL.
Just a suggestion: I think we should avoid blog names containing "Obama" or "NoBama," or "Hillary," or anything else that sounds like the ghost of election past.

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Dionisius Amendola said...

please, keep the fight and keep me informed.

sarah 2012

remember, reagan lost a few ones but never give up!!