Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Palin Wins the Presidency

The call for people to join organizations dedicated to the election of Sarah Palin as POTUS in 2012 has drawn a multitude of people. There is hope. I sent the following to Pennsylvanians and others ready to endorse Gov. Palin:

One thing we've been getting in PA are reports from various counties carried by John Mccain and Sarah Palin. In my own county, Beaver (west of Pittsburgh), we are in the heart of Obama's "bitter" country. Registration is 60% Democrat. However, John McCain carried this county by 2,500 votes.

Also, we took a state Senate seat long held by Democrats. An incumbent Republican state rep. won. Also, another Republican candidate for state rep upset a Democratic incumbent. We are not alone. John McCain carried MANY PA counties where the Dems have a registration edge.

Thus, the situation is not in any way hopeless. We had an army of volunteers in Beaver County, many of them Democrats or Independents for McCain-Palin.

I've been asking people at my own Palin site to coalesce around "Gov. Sarah." She drew 10,000-plus people in Beaver, PA, a much bigger crowd than Obama attracted. Sarah is a magnet for conservative and moderate Americans. Also, she's drawn high praise from unlikely sources, including a former editor of Ms. Magazine (Elaine Lafferty) and the president of the LA chapter of NOW.

I've said that if Sarah is to win in 2012, she will need a million totally dedicated activists. Let me unveil a secret: she already has nearly 100,000, about 25%- 30% of them at, which said yesterday that it's "not going anywhere" (i.e., is "in it to win it"). is also on its way to becoming a huge organization. A new Yahoo Group has sprung up, and I urge everyone to join it

( The Moms4McCain group, a big one, morphed on Nov. 5 into That organization is ferociously going after sponsors of "news" channels -- including FOX and its resident rodent, Carl Cameron -- that delight in smearing Gov. Palin and her family.

As we emerge from the wreckage of Nov. 4, we see all around us that the sun is shining. There are real evidences of hope. Barack, change IS on the way; it wears lipstick, and you aren't going to like it.


Larry Perrault said...

Steve: You were a bit ahead of the curve on SP as a VP canidate when you contacted me OVER 15 MONTHS AGO!

That was considerably ahead of the curve for John McCain too, who in fact was treading water and about to go under at the time.

But, I'll be perfectly happy if you are years ahead of the curve on this nomination, too. There are a few others I have interest in too, including Mike Huckabee, but it wouldn't trouble me at all if she swept right through it. I and a lot of people I know are crazy about her.

Of course, there's a little bit of other people's doo-doo to clean up. The crap that has spilled out in the past couple of days is pretty detestable slander. It was disgraceful. Some people fell for those stories, but they were ridiculous. I heard a discussion today that, in addition to the anonymous McCain staffer stuff, raised suspicions about Romney boosters. There's no smoking gun, but that would be no surprise. They and Romney himself, want it bad. And our own experience and his history indicate he wil go to insavory lengths to tear down obstacles to what he wants.

I watched Romney all during his campaign and in material from years pat. And, he spoke at the banquet of The TX state Republican Party, this year, which I attended. In all of that I saw a lot to distrust and nothing to inspire. Tome, everything seemed calculated and you could not know what, if anything, was genuines. Certainly nothing rang as though it was his heart speaking. I have friends who think he was the guy. But, I smelled phoney throughout.

I would be glad if Palin, Huckabee, Jindal, Pawlenty or other conservatives ran in 2012 and had the others to chose from as a running mate. But it might be the case that anyone running against Romney should have a hi-tec security contingent.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Larry, three McCain Staffers came out today and said it was all B-S. On the "diva" charge, staffer Nicole Wallace said, "She once asked me for a can of diet soda."
Schoenmann, the foreign policy expert said she was as smart, curious, and focused as anyone he'd ever encountered. Another staffer (Miss Stapleton?) also defended Sarah vigorously.

On Sarah in 2012:
It's so much easier to organize around a person than an issue or two. Fair tax won't draw a crowd, but Gov. Huckabee will.

It's so important that people who were devastated by the results on Nov. 4 have places to go -- and people to follow. Sarah is one of those people I hope she and Mike Huckabee do a lot of talking over the next year-plus.

The differences between them, if any, are minimal. Both have great appeal because they basically love people, warts and all.

I have tremendous respect for Mike. I wish we lived at a time when they could run together, but either of them would be a great President. They both have the capacity to live moral lives without coming across as holier-than-thou.

My friend and PA political analyst Rodger Morrow called Obama's win "a catastrophic victory." Today, BHO explained he had talked only to "living" Presidents. Is that what he meant by "change."

Larry Perrault said...

If Sarah Palin wants to run she's a bigger star than Huckabee. I believe we just saw that that's no small matter. Obama had zero for substance, and what he had was not consistent. No matter. Did you hear the interviewer a couple of weeks ago who was talking to Obama supporters, attributing McCain's positions and even running-mate Sara Palin to Obama, and they thought those things were all goood, I doesn't matter what he's for. It's HIM and the aura around him.

Anyway, Mike Huckabee would be fine. They say his television show on the weekends is doing well. He's going to have an influence, one way or the other. If there's a Palin parade, he'll be on the front float. A Palin-Jindal ticket would be a knockout.

There's talk about whether she should seek a Senate seat. But I kinda think she should finish her term. We should thank McCain for giving her the dance. She made a lot of fans. I'm serious about whether the Ronmeyites are trying to discredit her. Romney might be watching his 2012 ambition be seriously crippled.

You don't need to explain those stories to me. I thought and think it's all crap. Someone is seriously suggesting that a dope skyrocketed through all of the things that she has in the last ten years? Pull the other one.

Deirdre said...

Thank you for supporting Sarah Palin. Will try to come up with ideas.
Right now, however, the trolls and infiltrators are trying to pull us apart, so that we focus on infighting instead of their stealth war against the USA. It may not be a stealth war for very long.
I campaigned for McCain-Palin in PA as a Republican with Democrats for McCain and PUMAS. Some had ideological differences but not one of us would have leaked or sold Gov Palin or Sen McCain to the media or anyone else for that matter. Let's leave the trolls where they belong, in the mud!

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Deirdre, thanks so much for you comment. Please send an e-mail address so we can stay in touch. Thanks also for your support of Gov. Palin, a remarkable woman. I'm saddened by the election results, but heartened by the possibilities offered by Sarah Palin.

steve maloney

Nick said...

Steve, As I have written to you in the last couple of days, Sarah has become the biggest political figure, she may Evan eclipse Obama.

The article in new york daily that states that she is wanted for appearances on all the talk shows from Leno, Letterman, Oprah, Barbara Walters and many overseas media are begging for her to appear. Not that any of these elite medias are in favor of her every reaching the white house but they have seen that she is a ratings magnate. Greta's three specials were the highest ever for her time spots, Hannity and Combs were double , SNL highest in fourteen years, Evan the back stabbing Couric and Gibson got there highest ratings. Can you imagine if they had treated her with respect instead of disdain they may have kept those ratings. Point is she is a political star of her own making. However, now she is in the big league and the vultures are surrounding her so that she can be wounded and let to be picked apart.

She and Todd have to find the best political minds that can anticipate the moves that the vultures are planning for them. She will need to learn to turn the tables on them so the American people will see that this lady is not just a pretty face. Those chosen need to be new without the baggage that come with all the old retreads that have been around forever. America is looking for change but real and visible. Look at what Obama has done, the same old people that got us into this mess are being brought back to clean it up , I think not!

Finally, Sarah has shown that she has the political skill, savvy and fortitude to handle whatever comes her way , but what she will need most is an army of supporters that will scour the internet and talk down all of the paid Move ON crowd whose whole purpose is to infiltrate any thing favorable on Sarah and try to turn it into a negative. She got a taste of it, but it will be so much worse with her as the Presidential Candidate. It has to be up to us to get these gutless wonders to realize that its not going to work this time around.