Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin: Beautiful American Woman

ON TONIGHT'S INTERVIEW WITH GRETA: I loved it when Greta asked Piper about her $1200 check, and she puts her hands palms up. Also, Piper, "Well when People magazine was here . . .a mother moose and two babies came right across the lawn " Bears in the front yard in Juneau . . .I wonder if they'll bring Northern Exposure back . . . It captured the culture of Alaska better than anything I've seen. (My brother was there for two years in the Air Force.) I wish I could have listened in on the phone call with Hillary today . . .

Read down to see current column. Another one will be up about Tuesday noon. First thought on the Greta interview on FOX: Sarah was wonderful. Will she run for President in 2012? Are there polar bears in Alaska? Thanks to Tanya Crews for the remarkable picture of Sarah in Scranton, PA.


Randy Highsmith said...

You have a great site here! Keep up the great job. I set up a petition urging Sarah Palin to run for President. It is at Also check out my new blog dedicated to the same cause you have here.

Larry Perrault said...


I looked on YouTube today, and the newest Palin video I found was 6 days ago with someone commenting about how stupid she was while showig Carl Cameron's report from "anonymous McCain staffers," otherwise known as jerks. Again, the actual identity of these stories which Sarah Palin has denied, is so unknown that we can't be certain that they weren't first seeded by a potential 2012 rival. Perhaps someone who told these staffers in a losing campaign that they could find work in a 2012 campaign. That wouldn't be Huckabee. That wouldn't be Pawlenty. Who's that other guy? Ummm. Ummm. I keep thinking of a catcher's glove...

Anyway, why no newer video since this story which is ancient in contemporary terms? Is it because only old farts like you and I I don't do videos) are paying attention?

chicagobluesgirl said...

Here is my concern--while I totally agree with how we have to move
forward on putting the wheels in motion to get Sarah on the ticket we
may not be able to do most of what we want if the Democrats have a
filibuster-proof vote. They can easily remove our voice in the media
through the Fairness Doctrine or Democrat approved amnesty for the
illegals and the felon vote. so all of our work might be for naught
if we are sabotaged in this way. We have to have some kind of balance
in Congress.
> Right now there is a race in Georgia for another Republican seat in
the senate. We are very, very close to the dangerous 60 Democratic
seats. I don't know how people can help--like many of you--I have a
70 hour a week job--we are all so busy. I am going to donate to the
Republican Trust --a group that is fighting for
> Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R). If anyone else wants to donate, go here:

https://secure. yourpatriot. com/ou/tnrt/ nat_repub_ website/donate. aspx

Anyone who is in or near Georgia can help to get out the
Republican vote by contacting their local GOP. I am aware that many
people do not know the importance of this race and the one in
Minnesota. The race is over the first week in December. Thanks