Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pro-Palin Ads Launched Soon

"Run, Sarah, run . . . all the way to the White House."

I urge everyone to read the material below and contribute as much as possible to the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, which is developing ads supportive of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Here's what the PAC said today in an e-mail:

We were pleasantly surprised to be contacted by the New York Times today about our upcoming pro-Sarah Palin television ad.

The reporter is on our email list and wanted to ask us questions about our upcoming advertising campaign thanking and defending Gov. Sarah Palin for being such an upstanding public servant and passionate & articulate advocate for common sense conservative ideals.

Tonight that report is up on the New York Times website, "Palin's Appeal Proves Durable," which you can read - HERE.

We encourage you to post a comment, so that the pro-Palin constituency is heard from.

And we also continue our fundraising drive to buy as much airtime as possible for this ad. We want all Americans to see our tribute to Sarah Palin around the time of the Thanksgiving holiday that is fast approaching!

Here's a snippet of the Times piece:

November 11, 2008, 5:49 pm — Updated: 12:45 pm -->
Palin’s Appeal Proves Durable

By Sarah Wheaton

As she seeks to recover politically from her failed election bid on Senator John McCain’s ticket, the big question for Gov. Sarah Palin has been whether her backers would remain enthusiastic over the long run.

As it turns out, over the past few days, about 1,000 people have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Our Country Deserves Better, a political action committee that is planning a pro-Palin advertisement later this month.

You can donate online to Our Country Deserves Better - HERE.

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