Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin, Greta van Susteren

There's no bigger "fish" than the presidency, and Sarah Palin just might "catch" it in 2012.

My next column regarding Sarah Palin's run for the presidency will be up late Monday, soon after the important interview with Greta van Susteren on FOX. In the meantime, talk a look at the "What Sarah Must Do" column on

The material below is from Marnie Delano of NY state, who post at:

The dust begins to settle with the emergence of a lazy November Sunday, one of the first in a long time. Election day over, we now begin to awaken from the surreal series of events that drove us all to work ourselves to exhaustion, abandon our lives, homes, families, friends, interests, and obligations to pitch one last stand for American Democracy. Although the outcome was not to our liking, it does not mean that we failed. On the contrary, we learned some very valuable lessons--life changing, heartrending AND heartening--that will serve us well as we gather and regroup to organize for the ongoing, open-ended Phase III of this nascent Movement. Now that we have time to assess our accomplishments objectively and put ourselves and our Movement into perspective, we can all rest knowing that we did our best and accomplished nothing less than a miracle, given the short time we've been working and the urgency of our task.

Yes, it has been as devastating as it has uplifting; energizing as it has exhausting. But each day, events continue to unfold, ideas continue to emerge, plans continue to form and objectives continue to solidify. We are, as the Colonies once did, finding our way toward a huge, well oiled machine of organized, interactive coalitions who share the common goals of eradicating sexism, media bias, and voter fraud, one day at a time.

After all...time is all we've got...and it's on our side now.

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