Sunday, November 23, 2008


The following is a release from Paul Steitz's 2012DraftSarahCommittee:

When the British marched out of Boston toward Lexington and Concord, they marched in formation as had troops in Europe for generations. If they met the enemy the orders were given, "level, fire." The soldiers did not aim but merely leveled their rifles and fired at a distance of less than a hundred yards.

But the Colonial Minutemen did not mass up and level their rifles. They had used their rifles to hunt. They aimed their rifles to hit the target. And their targets were the officers (the leaders) of the British troops.

The left-wing journalists (MSNBC the most rabid of the cable channels) are recognizing what a threat Sarah Palin is and therefore, as with the British officers, they are targeting her. (Somehow they are not following Newt Gingrich.) It is amazing that they are sending a` crew to Alaska simply to follow Sarah around.

The objective is obviously to discredit Gov. Palin, that is to jump on a mistake, have her awkwardly answer a question, or in this case, juxtapose Sarah talking to a journalist against a background of what actually happens in a slaughtering house, they kill birds to eat.

Or as someone responded to me, I am telling you this, if I find out any of the turkey's I have ever eaten --- if our grocery store has been buying dead turkeys to sell us at Thanksgiving there is going to be heck to pay!!

Now to the simple-minded, (I am surrounded by such liberals at work), this incident is but further proof of Gov. Palin's incompetence, and much the subject of laughter, but the feeble minded are easily amused.

To Gov. Sarah Palin supporters, "get used to it." Gov. Palin is more a threat to Obama and the Democrats than any other person on the planet, and the left-wing is going to do everything possible to take her down. Such trivial incidents are going to be made much of, because on the big issues, she is very much in tune with the American public.

Leaders are not leaders because they have any specific set of characteristics. There is no paper test to take. Rather, leaders are leaders because they attract followers to listen to them, to understand them, to respect them and to support them. Sarah has that, that is why she is dangerous, and that is why left-wing crews are in Alaska to tape her every move.

She is a threat to them and they know it.
You betcha!

Paul Streitz
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Here's how I introduced Paul's fine piece in a mass mailing:

Is the mainstream media really out "to get Sarah Palin." You betcha.

Paul Streitz explains why in the attached. I've highlighted (and italicized) one paragraph from his release above. To find out more about Paul and his efforts, go to: Paul's release shows what we're up againt.

The next issue, one I'll be exploring this week on my thiis site, my "Sarah" blog (, is what we do about it. Basically, we need to let the MSM know we're very much aware of their game -- and that they'll pay a heavy cost if they continue it.

We have some great advantages, including some of the best writer-activists in America who strongly back Gov. Palin. One is Paul Stretiz. Another is Cindy Reidhead, who blogs at: Cindy is an expert on American icon Wyatt Earp. She's also an expert on how to win elections.

People like Cindy and Paul will be critical components in the "new media" that is rendering the MSM increasingly irrelevant.


robert verdi said...

it shows the work we have and the enemies we face, we will prevail.

Nick said...

Those that watched Barbara Walters Special " The 10 Most Interesting people of 2008" had to notice how Walters kept her audience and ratings by using Sarah without even interviewing her.

Her promos had Sarah's Face, not Rush. Rush's interview that was in the middle of the segment consisted primarily about Sarah with Rush claiming that he loved her for 2012.

Walter's continued her tease to make the audience think that Sarah might be named this years winner. Then she did the monologue with Sarah coming from nowhere to becoming the Star and the energizer bunny of the GOP convention and base. Without ever having a conversation with her she tried to leave the impression that Sarah was a one month phenom left only with tears in her eyes with the results of election night.

These people are so afraid of Sarah's potential that they will do anything to try to diminish her stature in the eyes of the public.

This evening there was Oprah saying that Sarah is snubbing her because Sarah is appearing everywhere but Oprah's show. Who snubbed who? Oprah's comments were discussed on Greta's show and Greta made the statement " We the media need Sarah for ratings even Oprah but Sarah does not need us". No truer words were spoken.

Sarah needs to pick and choose her appearances and keep them guessing for the next couple of years. We on the other hand need to continue to post the enthusiasm that her base has for leading the way for the 2010 midterm election and then taking back the white house in 2012 with a true conservative agenda.