Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palin Readying for Independent Run

When it comes to the GOP, Sarah Palin's message for it seems to be: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." The "good ole boys" who run the Republican Party are not held in high regard by Gov. Palin. As the National Review's editor, Rich Lowry, said of Sarah: "She is the only Republican who has 'the X-factor," by which he meant charisma and mass popular appeal.

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Get Ready for Independence Day!

Woo Whoo! My dream is coming true! As a registered independent and an old Ross Perot supporter and campaign operative, I am absolutely thrilled at the news that our Sarah might actually be considering an independent run for President!I always felt she was independent at heart and was praying for her to embrace unity and not division. Check out these two articles, one from Tammy Bruce, the other from an exclusive interview with the Washington Times today! also mentioned once in an interview there are not many politicians she likes (gosh... I wonder why?) which really makes me feel that she will fuel a grassroots political organization that will blow Ross Perot out of the water!I'm loving Sarah even more now (if that's possible) that she's almost back to being Citizen Sarah again!Sarah your ground troops are waiting!

Here’s Tammy Bruce’s column below
Palin Hints At Independent Conservative Movement

by Tammy on July 11, 2009 · 13 comments

In an interview with the Washington Times, Palin makes her most direct comments yet about Conservativism versus the Republican Party. In my humble opinion, it’s clear the GOP, unfortunately, is lost beyond the point of return. When you’re one year out of key campaigns to take back Congress in 2010 and Meghan McCain is The Oracle of the party, you know it’s over. If Tina Brown thought Ms. McCain’s willingness to be a Useful Idiot for liberals would undermine the conservative movement (and consequently Sarah Palin), she should take a serious and long look at what their attacks on Palin provoked: a stronger, more independent, more determined conservative leader and base.

Enter now Sarah Palin with very encouraging comments that lead one to believe that she is indeed planning to do what she must: build an independent conservative movement and take this nation back from the liberals which now control both parties.Thanks liberals, for provoking Sarah into the national scene while vetting that family at the same time.

One thing I will say, the Washington Times with their headline for this exclusive interview reveal an anti-Palin stance. She is, don’t doubt, a threat to every existing political status quo. I hope the Washington Times and their editors realize, sooner than later, that the Palin movement is unstoppable and their credibility would be saved simply by reporting the news instead of becoming a GOP version of the NYT..

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