Monday, July 13, 2009

Palin: "How Do I Win?"

Sarah is looking at segments of the electorate (including Independents, a tricky category, and urban/suburban women) and determining how she can appeal to them. She wants a majority of U.S. voters, and she realizes that our beloved conservative Republicans are a minority. Thus, she needs to get more "others," nontraditional supporters of conservative candidates.

I don't see a purely Independent run as one that would succeed. However, Sarah's own "independence" from the Alaska Republican Party need to be better known.

On her support for "conservative Democrats." I don't think there are enough of them to fill a bread-box, but there are some. In certain districts, the same old liberal Democrats have been winning for decades. If truly conservative (or even moderate) Democrats would challenge incumbents in such districts, Sarah should support them and so should we.

In several urban districts in PA (and the same is true of NYS), all the action is in the Democratic primaries, and many people register as Democrat but rarely support members of that Party in general elections.

Sarah is thinking outside the proverbial box on these issues. She's not aking herself "How do I get the GOP nomination?" She's asking, "After I get the nomination, how do I win?"

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Greg said...

SarahPAC reports taking in $733,000 since January 27th. $420,000 of that was those donating less than $200. In addition to that, a report says that SarahPAC has taken in over $200,000 since July 1st, with most coming in AFTER her resignation. Then there is the funds she's raised for Alaska Fund Trust (I've heard estimates of about $300,000) Add those figures together, and she's raised more than $1.2 million, about the same as Romney's PAC has raised. The last Romney FEC report I looked at showed that he had NO donations under $200, and his average donor gave $1,000. That alone would signify that Gov. Palin's donor base is many times larger than his.

I believe the more Gov. Palin travels the country her appeal to indepdent voters will increase substantially, particularly if she concentrates on non-political events, such as speaking at events revolving around womens issues, women in business, politics, the work place, womens health, family, children, events like that.

I believe her book will help attract both women and independent voters. It's her chance to speak directly to them without the media filter. Lynn Vincent, the person helping to write her book is very good.

The primaries are still more than 2.5 years away, so if she spends that time wisely, she will definately make big inroads. Let's not forget that 0bama's standing among independents, according to the latest polls, is declining, which also helps her.