Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama Administration: Seams Coming Apart

The number of people who "strongly approve" of Barack Obama is dropping rapidly, while the number who "strong disapprove" of Obama is rising sharaply. These are not happy times for Baarack Hussein Obama and his political guru, David Axelrod.

For Gov. Sarah Palin to win the presidency in 2012, she needs "help" from the Obama Administration. In fact, as the "strongly disapprove" numbers above indicate, Obama and his political cronies are providing lots of help, as the President's "strongly disappove" number rise to dramatic new heights. In the words of the old commercial, "The Obama presidency has fallen . . . and it can't get up.

Some major figures in the Obama Administration will be gone soon, including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Geithner, and press secretary Robert Gibbs. In fact, Biden, Geithner, and Gibbs will be shoved out. Mrs. Clinton will leave because she's become invisible and irrelevant, a Secretary-of-State in name only.

Hawaii political analyst Jill Rethman and I both wrote (see below for yesterday's column) that Hillary's tenure as Sec. of State will be a short one. On Biden's coming resignation for "health reasons," he is a human gaffe machine and, as such, major liability to the Obama crowd. In his comments yesterday on supposed health care "savings," the V-P appeared ill and lifeless.

Robert Gibbs? He may limp along for a few more months. Warren Buffet blasted Geithner this morning on ABC, and that is very bad news for the hapless Treasury Secretary -- of course, Buffet was an important early supporter of Obama.

The only thing more "troubled" than the TARP program is Geithner himself, a man clearly out of his league. As unemployment continues to skyrocket, Obama and Axelrod will need to look for a scapegoat, and odds are that Geithner will be "their man."

If both cap-and-trade and healthcare reform fail this summer, which appears likely, the designated scapegoat in that case could be Rahm Emanuel. He could either lose his job, or much of his power. The dropping of Biden as V-P nominee was a real possiblity during the general election campaign. What saved Biden's role was the collapse of the economy, which occurred around Sept. 15 and eradicated McCain-Palin's lead in the polls.

If Obama had then replaced Biden with Hillary, she would have spent the next four years in "an undisclosed location." I also believe Bernanke is in trouble in the Fed. Jim Demint and others are calling for an "audit" of the Fed, which would be about as pretty as nude pictures of Barbara Mikulsi.

I'm sure Hillary is delivering some ultimatums, now that she must recognize Obama's goal is to shut her up and marginalize both her and Bill Clinton. Of course, the MSM responds to all these emerging developments by drooling out of both sides of its mouth.

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