Friday, July 10, 2009

2012 Election: Palin Defeating Hussein

A significant majority of people who voted for Obama believe Sarah said, "I can see Russia from my house." As Debbie notes, Sarah never said any such thing. The sadsacks in the McCain Campaign, who ran everything, never counterattacked with ferocity, and thus "myths" were allowed to fester. I told someone today that I regard John McCain as an American hero, but I also regard him as a terrible presidential candidate.

Sarah will be a great candidate, particularly if she has people around her who are very talented and intensely loyal. Talent and loyalty translate into telling her the truth about what needs to be done to win. It also means anticipating what the enemy --- political and media -- will be doing next. To someone like John McCain, the MSM IS the media -- CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the Times, and the Post. To me, they are the enemy that is out to do us (including SP) harm.

McCain and his senior staff were incredibly weak in terms of Internet politics, and volunteers, like the TeamSarah people played a much more important role than the McCain Campaign. The Hillary Supporters/NoBama group had more than 300 bloggers for McCain-Palin. We got zero help from the McCain Campaign, which may have been barely aware we existed.

At one point in the summer, John McCain went "across the aisle" to pat Barack Obama on the back and congratulate him on being the presumptive nominee. I thought at the time, "Barack Obama does not regard you as his esteemed 'colleague'; Barack Obama despises you and everything you stand for." Sadly, even after the campaign , McCain would be amazed to hear that. Sarah Palin, in contrast, knows a bunch of political dirtbags when she sees them.

Lee Atwater said of Michael Dukakis 20 years ago, "I'm going to make [convicted murderer and rapist] Willie Horton his running mate." I would have made Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers Obama's running mates.

McCain never wanted the name Wright mentioned. Naivete in the extreme.

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Greg said...

Gov. Palin's Facebook will hit 650,000 tomorrow, and her Twitter will hit 94,000. Team Sarah has gained about 1,500 new members just this week. 0bama has about 6 million on his Facebook, but from what I've read a significant amount of them are in other countries. If Palin keeps a steady appearance schedule, scoring as many points off 0bama as she can, doing charity events, and utilizing alternative media, she could very easily have 6 million on her Facebook by time the primary season rolls around.

The SarahPAC website should be given a complete overhaul, and SarahPAC itself should be staffed by savvy professionals, and advisors. It has the potential to become the financial powerhouse of 2010, and money is power. Yesterday I got yet another plea for funds from the RNC. Everytime one arrives, I annotate it, "All my donations are going to SarahPAC, XXX donated so far," and returned to them in their postage paid envelope.

Don't know if you saw this, but Palin was featured in Runners World magazine, which has a circulation of 750,000+.,7120,s6-243-410--13221-0,00.html

Investors Business Daily has run a significant number of pro-Palin editorials, including 2 in a row on July 7 and 8th.

IBD has a circulation of about 250,000.