Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sarah's Critics: Moral Reprobates, Haters

Sarah Palin's critics hate pictures like this one, apparently because it reminds them of the relative emptiness of their own lives.

The recent criticisms of Sarah Palin by celebrity Ashley Judd and District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald were as predictable as they were malicious. In fact, most of those that take such pot-shots at Gov. Palin are thoroughly contemptible. They're almost invariably offended by the fact she's a Christian, a faith that's incomprehensible to Judd and Buchwald, a faithful spouse, and an dedicated mother who involves her chilren in her life.

Buchwald and Judd are both Democrats, of course. Thus, they recognize Sarah as a threat to their political scams.

Judd reflects a Hollywood culture that celebrates immorality, materialism, and substance abuse. It's a world where money counts -- and ordinary people don't. As far as children go, they're beings who, shortly after birth, are handed off to a collection of nannies -- and told to return when they're 18. It's the world of David Letterman, where sluttish creatures like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Ashley Judd are welcomed nightly as "honored guests."

Judge Buchwald lives in a world characterized by endless lawsuits, high-priced lawyers, and moral depravity. Her husband "represented" -- served as a lawyer for -- Ashley Dupre, the prostitute in the Elliott Spitzer case. What Judge Reice thinks of Miss Dupre and of former Governor and fellow Democrat Spitzer is not clear, but one can imagine.

As for Ms. Judd, what she knows about "wildlife management," an issue for which she's a fundraising shill, could be written on the head of a pin. To someone like her, vicious wolves are cuddly little creatures that she once saw in a Disney movie. The fact that the wolves slaughter caribous and moose -- especially the young and infirm -- never crossed her pea-sized brain.

What are we to make of Sarah's perfervid critics? Most of them are hostile to normal Americans, including Gov. Palin and her family. If they became pregnant with a Down Syndrome child, they would abort it immediately. They place no value on such a child. They certainly wouldn't say that "Got had blessed" them, as Todd and Sarah did when Trig was born.

Sarah Palin is a woman well on her way to making history in America and the world. As for the Judds and Buchwalds of the world, the world will little note -- nor long remember -- them. Sarah should swat them like mosquitos carrying the West Nile virus.