Friday, February 20, 2009

Elect Palin 2012: Practical Steps

Sarah Palin below with the love of her life, Trig Palin . . . the one she calls "The Little Michelin Man." Note: ON MY OTHER BLOG (HTTP://STEVEMALONEYGOP.BLOGSPOT.COM), I HAVE A SATURDAY COLUMN ON OBAMA'S DISASTROUS ECONOMIC POLICIES.

Protestors like the one confronting Obama in Mesa, Arizona, are "Sarah's People."

Subjects: Defeating Obama 2012, Electing Palin 2012, Cultivating young voters, Hispanics, and women, Emphasizing Military Families and those with special needs children, Securing Donations for SarahPac

The Palins have powerful links to American families, particularly those with relatives in the military and with special needs children. Those of us who support Sarah need to reach out to such people . . . and bring them into our Movement.

The first "TeamSarah Newsletter" will be coming out soon. is the "tip of the spear" for the Palin Movement. It has nearly 70,000 members, and it's the largest of the many pro-Palin groups. The Newsletter is one of many practical steps needed to ensure the election of Gov. Palin as America's 45th president.

On the Team Sarah newsletters in the future, I'd love to help with volumes to come, particularly with practical, action-oriented material that people could use to begin (key word) to change the culture and the political make-up in Congress.

In particular, I'd like teenagers and college students to begin asking young relatives and friends to join TS -- and working to register people inclined to support Sarah and similar candidates. The goal would be to establish a foundation for victories in 2010 and 2012. The "dirty little secret" is that most Americans under the age of 30 are not registered. Obama's people had a number of initiatives to get "their" young people registered and working as volunteers. McCain really had nothing similar, and the results showed it.

Ancient history: In 1972 (McGovern v. Nixon), I worked with students at the University of Georgia to organize on behalf of Nixon. The national media was portraying a situation where McGovern had locked up the youth vote. In fact, students at UGA canvassed everyone who lived on campus . . . and then everyone who lived in Clarke County (where the University is). Nixon won the student vote by a huge margin. (Later, Watergate revelations undid the great work that had been accomplished with college-age voters.)

I know that in 2008 Obama got roughly 70% of the "first-time-voters" and roughly two-thirds of the under 30s. There's no reason why Sarah can't win two-thirds of the youth vote in 2012.

There are ways we can "manage" the situation to make that happen. We could focus initially on "red" states, but we should ask the young people to reach out to friends in "blue" states. The way we can "sell" activism to young people is to emphasize that they can exert a tremendous influence on their country's future direction. Sarah has built-in advantages (including three teen-age children) that give her great appeal to young voters.

Overall, we need people reaching out to members of key groups: young voters, Hispanics, and women. We can our activists with guidance on how to do so. People prefer to support candidates that are like them.

We also need to give them information about how to solicit donations (small ones). Giving them that instruction will encourage them to donate themselves. It's okay to donate $10. It's also okay to donate $1,000.

As my political allies have pointed out, we need to get people TO ACT, to do things that advance the prospects of Sarah winning. People who don't want to act should be moved discreetly to the back-burner.

Actions we need to take now and in the weeks ahead: (1) Getting people to back Jim Tedisco in the key House race in New York; (2) getting people in Illinois and elsewhere to back the Republican candidate for the Burris seat, which should be open soon; (3) Getting people to join action-oriented groups like WAMToday; (4) Targeting the so-called Blue Dawg Democrats who voted FOR the Stimulus legislation;

There are more than 30 such "Dawgs," and they all need to be defeated in 2010. The reason most Democrats sign up as "Blue Dawgs" (Wikipedia has a list of them) is NOT that they're moderate or conservative. Instead, the reason is that they want to deceive their constituents into thinking that they're moderate or conservative on social and fiscal issues. Almost invariably, they vote with Pelosi/Obama. We need to confront such people face-to-face whenever possible.

My next column, up this weekend, will deal with e-mail lists . . . and how they'll be central to victory in 2010 and 2012.

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