Monday, February 16, 2009

Sarah: She Wants Presidency

(My other column for today is below this one) I was just looking at page 83 of Lorenzo Benet's book, (Trail Blazer) which discuCheck Spellingsses Sarah Palin's thinking on the verge of her upset electiion over a four-term incumbent as Mayor of Wasilla

"Sarah's political trajectory, meanwhile, seemed poised to clear Mount McKinley. During a late-night meeting before the election, [campaign manager Laura] Chase and Sarah were discussing the candidate's future, and Chase suggested she would run for governor in ten years. [She did, and she won.]

"It's doubtful that even the GOP leaders lining up in support could have anticipated the reply from the ambitious thirty-two-year-old mayor-to-be. 'I want to be president,' she said."

As the political opponents she's left in the dust know only too well, Sarah generally gets what Sarah wants.

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Grace Explosion said...

When we are as focused, resilient, positive, and confident as Governor Palin - we all get what we want. (Many want but do not do the needed action steps with the same positive outlook.)