Monday, February 16, 2009

Fighting Smears Against Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin's critics absolutely hate pictures like this one because it reminds them what's lacking so often in their own lives. Such a picture illustrates who Sarah Palin is and what she has a loving wife and mother.

I'm writing all this week on my blogs (especially this one) about Lorenzo Benet's book (Trail Blazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin) about Sarah, who she is, why she evokes such hatred from some people, and why is she's so tough that she's become indestructible. She knows what's going on; and we know. The left-wing media wants to destroy her because they are hooked on Bambi Obama, who isn't half the human being Sarah is.

In answering criticisms about Sarah we need to be very brief and direct. When something is a lie, such as "Bristol is really Trig's mother," we need to say: "That is a lie spread by the Obama Campaign through its loyal servants at The Daily Kos (Markos Markos)." Period. We should not "play nice." We need to be ferocious in our counterattacks. "Take no prisoners."

When a feminist says, "Sarah wears clear glasses to make her look intellectual," we should say: "Sarah has been near-sighted since childhood, like her daughter Piper, and she's worn glasses since she was 10." Period.

When someone says, "Well, Sarah implied they sold [former Alaska Governor] Murkowski's jet on E-Bay," we reply: "She never said it. She never implied it. They tried to sell it on E-Bay and, when they didn't get the offers they wanted, they sold it through a broker. It was sold -- period -- and Sarah never used it."

On the bogus situation known as Troopergate: "Oh yeah, that was the state police officer who was abusive toward his wife (Sarah's sister) and tasered their 11-year-old son. He deserved to be fired."
I believe we need to stay on a positive message as much as possible. Benet's book (Trail Blazer) is not perfect, but it does a good job in explaining where Sarah got her spine of steel.

Some of the charges against Sarah are exaggerations. Most of them are outright lies. We need to characterize the smear artists as liars haters of Christian Americans, which they generally are. They have no understanding or respect for a self-made, self-reliant woman like Sarah Palin. We need to expose them for exactly what they are: loathsome smear artists.
NOTE: Some people are telling me that certain conservative web sites don't like the Benet book, apparently because they believe (wrong-headedly) that it's not sufficiently reverential. My response:
On on my blog ( and through other communications I'm QUOTING and paraphrasing segments of the Benet book, mainly ones that present Sarah, Todd, AND THEIR EXTENDED FAMILIES, in very good lights. If those who "don't like" the book are doing otherwise, then you can safely assume they're just blowing ideological smoke. It's a good book, not a great one, and it's not done in adoration of Sarah. In terms of substance, it's not as good as the one I'm writing, but it presents a great deal of new information. It cites -- and names names -- of people who know Sarah best, including her parents, her sisters, her friends, her neighbors, and some of her political and media critics.

It does what a biography is supposed to do.
It's not supposed to be a "love letter," and it's not.
It's written in "People Magazine" style, one that I like because it's so readable.

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